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I need help!

Hi all!

New to all this, I've tried so many fad diets over the years and I'm (believe it or not) a gym member...but never gof!

I've recently got back from Mexico, from a friends wedding and looking at the photos and how uncomfortable I felt in swimwear triggered something and I need to change!

Any help on how to get started would be really appreciated!


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Amy, I'm going to print the diet sheet from NHS today and complete it for this week keeping within 1500 calories.... How about doing that first?


Good luck!


Hello Amyf3487 😊 and welcome to the weight loss forum 😊

The first place to look is at the newbies post which has links to the NHS 12 week plan and also the bmi checker as suggested by the others to find a daily calorie target range. i suggest starting out at the top of the range initially so you have somewhere to go.😊

Have a good look around the site, there are several challenges running plus a weekly weight in. We are a very friendly bunch so ask if you have any questions.

Gyms can be difficult places to go on our own, could you go with a friend? Just take a deep breath, plug in your headphones and go for it!!

Good luck 😊


I was on a holiday in Mexico very early January (this) year, I had lost some weight in the run up to it, but somehow that trip inspired me! Maybe yours will too! I have lost about a stone and a half since then and (more importantly to me anyway) am a lot fitter. We are going back end January. I have used the NHS plan but for me, logging everything via an app (I use My Fitness Pal) and being honest about what I was eating and drinking, made me be honest with myself. Knowing how much the piece of cake was going to add to my meagre calorie count for the day, was often enough to stop me eating it! By the time I've studied it, considered its weight, looked it up, I've got over the need to eat it... Reading people's posts and replies on this forum helped also. I also tried to introduce any degree of movement/exercise into my life. I went swimming once a week and that alone made a big difference. Then I started doing some classes at the gym and also some work in the gym with a kindly instructor for a few sessions. All best, you can do it, but ultimately, you have to find what works for you. It will, but you have to do it yourself. x


You have started by seeing that YOU WANT TO do something. Look up some of the basic exercises you can do in the house. Even without getting off the bed.

There are loads on the NHS site.

Porridge now for me every morning.

Carrot, celery, cucumber sticks and baby toms for a pre dinner bite now, instead of a bag of peanuts and often crisps.

No jogging - too heavy, doc said go swimming instead. Takes the weight off the limbs.

Drinking more water - starting to work. Who needs a gym?

Start NOW !!!!


I found it really hard dieting on my own but didn't have time to attend a weekly diet club due to small children and work commitments, but I found an online diet coach really made the difference. I got a tailor made diet plan and 1-2-1 email support, as well as a weekly weigh in where I emailed in my weight. Would something like that suit you?


Good luck Amy!

I'm on day 8 with 8lbs gone already and am finding that I can comfortably keep around 1200 calories a day although I know I can go up to 1400 if I'm hungry. I've got another 28lbs to lose. Like you I looked at some photos taken recently and was mortified at what I saw. I've taken photos now from every angle and printed them out to remind me of what I'm dieting for. Every time I get an inkling to cheat I check out the photos and that soon curtails any urges I have ;-) I've found planning my food the night before is working really well for me so I know when I get up what I can eat for the whole day and somehow it makes it easier to stick to.

Good luck with your efforts.


Hi Amy,

Diets and Fad Diets usually start on a happy note but end on unhappy note.

Like fashion... fad diets become outdated and the diet too goes out of the window.

I can suggest to you a simple way in which you can enjoy your food .. no guilt ... and you will also gradually reduce weight too...

This wonderful tool is called Mindful Eating.. I am loving every bit of food these days. A plain bread tastes as good as a chocolate cake. You will discover sweetness even in plain water.

It is a form of meditation and nutrition.. Nothing complex.. its is permanent.

Please try Mindful eating.. give rest to calorie count etc..

Try it for a week and I can assure you, you will find a drastic change... authoritynutrition.com/mind...


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