Just finished an abs workout. Missed one rep as I dint have space where I'm working out so I substituted that , but yup finished a workout, it was tiring, painful, I finished the workout feeling sick to the stomach and I sweated but got a session in and I'm really glad, need to do a few more before I can feel stronger πŸ’ͺ Again.

I'm starting to eat moderately as I feel I'm lost

I'm eating healthy

And drinking plenty of water

Trying to workout more

Hoping to get a resistance session in for arms and then after the 27 mins do more which mainly consists of addunf another session in for arms but all made up if 4-5 circuits 50 reps each, arms kills, I end up not feeling them , j can't hold anything and they become jello like but it's good for the arms so I really don't care as I do it to feel like that due to the fact that that means results are happenin


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  • In comparison to some other groups, the biceps are a small muscle, so it's easy to understand why they burn excessively during and feel like jelly afterwards, particularly since the exercises that target them are performed in isolation (without the assistance of other muscle groups).

    However, since they're a small muscle group, over-exerting them isn't necessarily going to lead to greater gains. Either perform the resistance session (using your usual weight) or perform the circuit (using a lighter weight).

    The circuit you intend to follow no doubt insists upon minimum rest between sets (it will do if it's a HIIT circuit), so its lack of rest means that you'll still be achieving the same, in terms of growth and development, as you would if you took 60s rest between sets while lifting a heavier weight.

    To perform a circuit of 50 reps involving such a small muscle after it's already been exhausted through lifting heavier weights will simply result in the break down of its fibres (amino acids), to provide the energy, leaving the biceps weaker in the process.

    It's one or the other: Resistance or circuits.

    As for your ab circuit, don't worry about missing reps, since the quality of correctly performed repetitions (where you're able to maintain form and composure) benefits the growth and development of muscles far greater than those where full contraction and controlled release cannot be achieved.

    As with any exercise schedule, aim to work within your current level of ability, ending the workout feeling as though you could have possibly done a little more (you don't have to though), since such a feeling encourages the desire to continue exercising.

    By all means, work your muscles to the point of fatigue, but don't exercise them beyond, since doing so is detrimental to their development.

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