I'm in a lot of pain today. My arthritis is so painful. I have lost 4 and a half stones since April and before I lost the weight I used to have arthritis in my hips and knees which, by the time I lost about 3 stones had really improved. But in the last few days its come back with a vengeance. My old uncle used to say that his arthritis always got worse when it was cold and wet. Maybe he was right? Today I walked 4 miles with the darling old dog because I decided to walk through the pain. But it took us an hour and a half and I was really struggling. When we got home I could hardly walk up the stairs and now I'm still hurting badly. Do you think my uncle was right? Should I carry on 'walking through the pain '? Maybe it didn't go because I lost the weight? Any advice or comments anyone? I really wanted to carry on walking (we now usually walk 4-5miles a day), but I don't know if I'm doing more harm than good? 😞


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16 Replies

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  • Hi Jweanie,

    Sorry to hear you're in pain today - hope you feel better soon :)

    I'm going to send you a PM, as to not clog up the thread :)

    Rob :P

  • Thanks Rob 😊

  • Oh I appreciate how painful this condition can be.

    My mum and husband both have this condition.

    You need to take your pain relief as prescribed and on time - that is so important. Never chase pain. By that don't wait for the pain to get bad then consider pain relief. Take your analgesia on time.

    They both also keep their joints warm with thermal under garment's. Both find this a great benefit.

    It is important that you do keep moving but you need to pace yourself. "use it or loose it" is the mantra my husband adopts. Little and often is better in regard to exercise.

    Hope that helps. I appreciate everybody is different. πŸ˜€

  • Thank you Truly! Yes, I'm going to aim for two miles instead of four tomorrow morning I think. Analgesics don't seem to help, but the stuff I rub on provides some relief! 😊😊

  • Sorry you are struggling today. I think you should listen to your body, we all have good days and bad days and I do think cold, damp weather aggregates arthritis, it does mine! Maybe do shorter walks when it's flaring up. Also, maybe talk to your doctor, make sure you have the correct medication. Hope it eases soon.

  • Thanks Caz. Yes, I'll limit the exercise for a while I think. Otherwise I suffer when I get to bed. Just a bit disappointed because I thought it had disappeared with the weight - but obviously not! Lol! 😊😊

  • I never do more than I can πŸ˜• Mine is slightly complicated as it's damage related but if I try to walk through the pain I set myself back days 😒

    But anti inflammatories help, as does a ski pole 😊

    Warm bath and painkillers ease things 😊

    Hope you are soon feeling better

  • Thank you - that's very sweet of you Anna. I am relaxing now, and it's not too bad at the moment, touch wood. 😊😊

  • It's a hard one I do sympathise I say to myself walk through the pain but then I pay for it the next day Do you do pacing ? I was told at physio to do whatever you need to for an hour and no more then 30 minutes rest then carry on and do that all through the day

    It's so hard as we have to move to help ourselves then we are in pain

    Hope you feel better I can feel your pain

    Have a lovely rest this evening and keep cosy x

  • Thank you Cat. That's worth thinking about, thanks. No, I don't pace really. I just try and do the same walk at least every morning. Sometimes if I have time I will walk further. I shall just try and do couple of miles tomorrow if I can, but I'll see what kind of night I have! 😊😊

  • Hope you have a good night and enjoy your walk tomorrow πŸ˜€

  • Hi sorry to hear that your arthritis has flared up 😒😒since I have lost 3st my arthritis in my hip has been so much better but I have noticed since the cold weather has arrived my hands hurt so much more (bottom of the thumbs) and the colder it is the worse it is. I use Ibuprofen gel which I find good and you can get it from the pound shop.

    Make sure you have good ankle supporting shoes in this weather with all the slippery wet ground and just stop when the pain is too much.

    Hope you feel a little better soon. πŸ’πŸ‘πŸ˜Š Bev

  • Thanks for the reply Bev. Yes, it was even quite slippery this morning. Darling old dog and I crept along for a mile this morning, that was enough! Lol 😊

  • Personally I think you are doing brilliantly walking even just the one mile hats off to you. Take care BevπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  • Hi Jweanie, I agree with other posts here, I'd keep warm, walk a little but not as much as you did and take or apply ibruprofen. I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and can completely sympathise, I've just signed up to this programme hoping that losing 2-3 stone will improve things. But here in Scotland we've just suffered a very cold spell and I felt considerably worse! I often joke that a move to Spain is needed!! Good luck and keep warm. Clare

  • Hello Clare, yes, I agree - a warmer climate does sound inviting right now. We only managed a mile walk this morning and I'm sure if anyone had seen me they'd have thought I was 90 I was creeping along SO slowly! Lol 😊

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