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DAY 11

I'm really late in posting today but I have had a REALLY good day food wise I'm feeling quite positive and focussed at the moment and on a mission to get rid of this weight. My knee is playing me up big time at the moment ( need a knee replacement) but get rid of some of the weight and the pain will ease, even more reason to get the weight off. Hope everyone has had a good day. Sorry if I'm boring everyone with these posts but as I have said before doing this is making me accountable. x x -:)

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Hi Bettyboop64,

Great that you've had a really good day food wise, and that you're feeling quite positive and focussed. Sounds like a great day!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)


well done you for having a good DAY ... keep it up and hope DAY 12 is a good one x

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