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I've been so busy with uni due to the stress of the work load I am given and set myself and because if this cold I've not been working out. It's so icy cold that I can't work out. I've not gone overboard with my eating and I walk. I find excuses to walk I don't feel that hungry and this morning j felt a little leaner or weaker. I drink my mocha and have flapjacks in the morning. My water intake has been very bad lately, so I went and brought myself a a water bottle that's 1000 ml to help with that so I'm now going to take that to uni, hoping this will help sort out my water intake problem.

I think because it's so cold I don't feel thirsty coz all I want is something hot to drink. I keep wanting a mocha so I get a. Mocha and devour 2-3 packets of Reece's even but I've now sorted that out. I got so worried that I've kept that to 1 packet n have decided that it's gonna be 1 packet a month. I don't eat fattening stuff that much. I eat whole meal pitts bread using the mozerella cheese but the one from the packet with water in that I need to shred with my hand I think it's the fresh ine, I use tomato pure or the salsa sauce that's 0g from the jar but just a few calories but I only use a little on both wholemeal pitta or on a whole meal wrap to make pizza. When I found out that I can use wholemeal Pitta bread to make pizza I was so happy I literally wanted to cry because I hadn't eaten one in so long so now I make pizza like that using healthy ingredient. I eat quorn chicken because the chicken is so expensive and I can't get the lean one cut in the right waybut the healthy way.

I'm going to make lentils because I like that now with brown rice and white rice but brown I ok as it's healthy I use that. But I do need new recipes and I can't think of any because all I wanna do I snuggle up in bed coz I'm so cold and just stressed with uni. I don't eat dinner so my eating tie habits are very bad to but even if it's healthy I'm still stuck n worried. I've stopped making smoothies that was the only way of getting fruit in to my system and coz of the icy cold where I live n feeling so cold I'm unable to 😪

. I use the 1kal spray or even without it I found a really good frying pan that I do t need to use any spray. Truth is I hate the fats so I do t use them . I cook everything without any fats.what else if I do eat break fast is the whole burtons if I can remember right. Well they are round and I have to cut them in half n then warm them up n I use the sliced processed cheese slices the orange ones and then put an egg on it and then eat that. (I can't remember what they are but will post a pic when I do have it for breakfast) so I eat that only coz it's Devine to me but I feel I'm gonna have to cut down on that that will be the difficult to do do because I would eat 2 but that has to stop.

I found my love for sweet potato fries but baked. I don't get the kcal per serving and energy and carbohydrates and polyhydrates so I keep thInking I might lose out in the good stuff but because it terms I don't get and it's over 4 g I get worried it's fattening. I fit in to a size 14 but when I look in the mirror I look really fat. I wore a size 12 cardigan to uni , I must admit it was slightly tight from the arms but it fit and I must admit I felt proud but not that much. I've been told my face looks small but I need to admit I don't look it nor feel it

I just feel fat and sometimes feel that I can't stop eating

I think my problems with my mentality regarding my weight and food especially is coming back. I hadn't felt like this in quite some time and it sucks. I'm trying to pick myself up but sometimes feel it's not working.

I get worried now about food that I don't eat lunch. I'm at uni 4 days a week and don't eat anything for lunch because the food at my uni is terrible. It's freezing cold because my feet freeze. I know I've said regarding the cold slot but the truth is that my feet freeze so much that they become ice cold if I touch them, they also become numb that I can't feel them like I might get frost bite so the only place I can stay is at uni in the warmth for my blood circulation.

so I can't go out and there is an Iceland near my uni but doesn't stock up on salads , can you believe that. I don't like food prepping anymore because I realised I like fresh food and I can't constantly meal prep it gets very tiring for me. I find it very boring and I just do t want to anymore I really don't know why.

I'm finding it so hard to work out and I haven't for a little over a week . Since I started my journey from late June, this is the first time I've felt like this , there's no motivation or positivity and I don't know why.

I didn't know what to write in the title so I just came up with something.

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It's the time of year Nsidra, I'm sure of it! I think a lot of us are just feeling bleeeeeeuurgh! :o

When it's cold and dark, there's no incentive to do anything except curl up on the couch and eat, but that's when this forum comes into it's own. We can meet here, have a moan, swap ideas and gee each other up! :)

How about joining some of the challenges, for extra support? It's good to be able to focus on what others are doing too, instead of obsessing about what we're doing, or not doing :)

Do you like soup? It's easy to make big batches of wholesome, warming, low calorie, cheap lunches and freeze them. After that, all you need is access to a microwave, or heat it at home and pop it in a flask :)

How about doing some belly dancing, for exercise? It's great fun! Or hula hooping, or bouncersize? Do something that makes you giggle, it does wonders for your mood :)

Don't worry, you're doing a great job and this blue period will pass :)

Have a great week :)

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Thank you for the motivational advice. I love soup as it warms the heart. My motivation is I'm afraid gone so I've been walking slit. Like I need to go out to do a shop and I just don't want to. I went yesterday evening and I felt like I was gonna pass out, all I wanted was my bed. So I came home got in to so many layers of clothing, I didn't even put away my shop that I did yesterday evening and just went straight in to bed . I feel like this is just a terrible time and it worries me coz it's gonna be 3 weeks in total that I've not worked out

M motivation for eating food is going and drinking water

I can't think straight and think I don't know how to cook

N I've ran out of all recipes n the stuff I know how to cook I don't want to

I have absolutely 0 motivation and have so much on my mind

I even wake up at 1.30 in the morning and can't sleep after that. Since September

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Have you considered seeing your GP? You may be slightly anaemic, which is making you lethargic, or you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or another form of illness/depression.

It will be very difficult for you to address your weight issues, until you get the all clear on your general health.

If you look at the Topics section, to the right of your screen, you'll see one entitled Recipes/Meals/Snacks, which is full of great ideas for meals.

How about trying a relaxation CD/DVD and doing some meditation, to clear your mind?

Yoga and Tai Chi are also good for calming your mind and toning your body.

I really hope that something works for you :)

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Hi, I agree with Moreless, maybe you can see your GP, it could be a number of things. All the best and I do hope you gain some motivation from this site :)


I agree with moreless about the exercise part. You say you're still walking but it would be great to do something that really gets the endorphins going, really helps with picking up your mood. Or how about when you go for your walk listen to some music that you know makes you feel good and then pick up your walking pace along with the beat. And enjoy every compliment that you get. You say your friends think your weight loss is showing in your face. So capitalise on this, try new accessories/ makeup/ whatever you fancy, something that will really show off these sorts of changes. And be easy on yourself if you have a lot on with uni. Maybe schedule in a couple of evenings a week where you can prepare something fresh, start small and work from there. Really hope things pick up soon :)


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