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For Moreless - Does my bum look big in this

For Moreless - Does my bum look big in this

We bought a new rug for little Eddie, who is half the height and also black and white. I decided it'd be a laugh to put the rug on Missy. I love her face on this - I think she thinks I'm mad! It's moments like this that remind me why I'm on this plan - to lose weight to help Missy's little back, and get fitter to exercise Eddie!!

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OH LOL!!! Her face!!! :D :D :D

Poor Missie! That's a bit like somebody putting a size 8 on me! I think I'd give them one of those looks too! :D

Thanks Maxine, you've made my day! :D


That's cheered me up no end. I was feeling a bit cold and miserable this morning - far too frosty !! Love horses, and that look says it all ! Do you think model Missy is pursing her lips like Zoolander ?

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She's proper working it!!


Very lol xx love it



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