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2nd day

Good morning. I just came back from my walk. I gave my legs a good stretch at the track. And there are a couple other women there as well, so I am not the only riser going haha. I have couple of appointments one is the cognitive behavioral therapy starting today. I am really nervous about it. I am a person that does not express myself well. I am starting to learn with you guys to come out there and express myself.

Well had a great evening and no pigging out and it felt good.

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Hope you had a good session


How did you get on? I'm sure talking through things will get easier the more you do it. Best of luck.


Hope your session went well. It's lovely to see how much more positive your posts are now as you begin to feel better about yourself, 💐💐


CBT sounds interesting, I hope it went well and is successful for you 😊


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