Well what have you had - or having for tea tonight?

Well what have you had - or having for tea tonight?

Well tonight I have had a really really tasty tea. Breaded cod with broccoli cauliflower and parsnip in a homemade cheese sauce with chilli and sweet potato mash. (not tried sweet potato mash before)

The picture is pre cooked.

Since starting on this site I have come out of my comfort zone in relation to vegetables - other than peas as i wasn't a real veg lover. I am now giving most veg a go and enjoying the experience.Even Mr T enjoyed it and he is a fuddy duddy.

So what have you had or having tonight? Still need to progress and try something new. πŸ˜€


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21 Replies

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  • That looks delicious!! I am having beans and mash with chicken for dinner. boring but effective.

  • Oh that sounds lovely Kinbun I love roast chicken -haven't had it for sometime now. πŸ˜€

  • Paella 😊 Or at least my version of it !!! Rice with seafood and vegetables flavoured with paella seasoning I bought in Spain last month 😊 😊😊 finished off with a Spanish orange ❀️ Very yummy

  • Oh that sound nice and tasty 😊Anna - I have been to Spain many many years ago but never had Paella.πŸ˜€

  • I'm so lucky, my sister lives there so we go quite often 😊 I love Spanish food, and it can be very healthy too 😊😊😊

  • Oh that's lovely. Just thinking about it it must be over 20 years since Mr T and I went on holiday.

    It's my own fault I won't leave my dogs in kennels and they are at an age now they are too old to leave. πŸ˜€

    Keep warm πŸ˜‰

  • We are lucky to have friends we can 'swap' animals with 😊

  • Mine was risotto, cooked earlier in the week, and two kiwi fruits

  • His Diana that sounds lovely hope you enjoyed it. I haven't had kiwi for sometime. πŸ˜€

  • I did, currently I'm off food, grab and go easy stuff , my slowcooker will be busy again soon

  • Oh so sorry to hear your off food Diana.😯

    I hope you feel better soon. πŸ€“

  • I eat a Paleo diet so I had a steak, 3 boiled potatoes with a few slivers of butter, artichokes (in a jar) and a small portion of carrots. I cooked myself a corn cob and left it on the stove and forgot about it until my husband showed it to me a hour later!!

  • Hi TeganSara not sure what a Paleo diet is but your meal sounds delicious I love steak have it at least once a week. Sorry about the sweetcorn - oops!😁

  • Paleo is good for if you have autoimmune disease, and it cuts out gluten, grains (no rice! no bread!! no pasta!!!), beans and most dairy (my grassfed butter is a small and acceptable cheat). It focuses on meat and veg. It works for me, but we're all different.

    Well done for increasing your veg intake, it will do you a world of good. Look out for all the different ways you can buy and eat veg. As well as jars of artichokes, I like jars of roasted red peppers - too good to be considered a veg I think!

  • Hi Tegan

    thank you for your email I appreciate your time responding.

    Interestingly in my 20's I was diagnosed with a condition called M E which is myalgicencophalomyelitis.

    I was really ill and I was sensitive to all foods.I had total food intolerance. I lost so much weight I was too weak to mobilise and my weight plumited to 5 stone. At 5 9inch you can only imagine how I looked. My immune system didn't exist. Still slightly dodgy to be honest.

    I remember with clarity that Mr T had to carry me to the bathroom I was so weak. At that time this wasn't a well known condition and little understood.

    Not to dramatise it all family thought I was dying in front of them and to be frank I thought I was dying. My GP was pulling his hair out.

    Anyway with a correct diagnosis and correct management I bounced back but it probably took 5 years.

    I was very sensitive to anything I ate. I couldn't look at a vegetable never mind eating it.However in time i have gradually been able to add more foods to my diet and know eating a relatively normal diet.

    Interestingly I am probably eating similar to you. That's why I find your diet interesting.

    Keep warm Tegan πŸ˜€

  • I have heard a lot about ME and it is a confusing one - it's so clearly related to autoimmune issues and yet I still haven't seen it truly classified. I'm glad you are doing better these days but I know it must still have lasting effects on you.

    Happy to talk to you more about Paleo if you're interested. It's not the approved NHS way to lose weight but I have seen a lot of anecdotal evidence for it helping people with AI disease and I work in the area so I have spoken to many people who have used it.

    You certainly can't take health for granted, can you! Take care :D

  • I was home later than I expected so my fallback dinner was mushroom stroganoff with wild rice. Its a ready meal from morrisons but very filling. Had some butter beans with it for extra protein & fibre.

  • Hi Misstippytoes must admit I have never tried stroganoff or wild mushrooms. 😢

    Note to self -to try new tastes

    Keep warm πŸ˜€

  • That looks tasty. As I've only just seen this post I'll say what I had last night. Sausage casserole ( Tesco low fat sausages), steamed broccoli and carrots,peas and jacket potato. It was so nice, especially the sausages.

  • Oh Nessie we have have had tonight sausages with cheese and spring onion very tasty with dry fry egg and reduced salt baked beans - lush! and i forgot wholemeal toast. MmmmmmπŸ˜€

  • Looks gorgeous !!!

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