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Fertility & Weightloss!


So myself & my husband went to see our GP the other day following the shocking news that my husband has a very low sperm count. (should be 39 million and his is 14million). Anyway We knew my weight would be an issue with a BMI of 52 and knew that we wouldn't get referred and felt like we had no hope. With me no Ovulating and his low sperm count its not even like we can continue to try!

Anyway our Dr is amazing, she said regardless of the issue of my weight she put us forward for our referral to the fertility clinic at the hospital. She did say my weight will be a factor but they also may refuse us based on our ages. Im 25 and my husband is 22. I cant fathom how they can refuse us based on age considering we've been trying for 4 years and not gotten anywhere and also because we both have problems which wont right themselves! The Dr has flat out told me my not ovulating is not linked to my weight at all and despite being overweight I am perfectly healthy!

I am constantly being healthy an trying to lose weight and to help me along she's prescribed me Orlistat, anyone had any experience with this at all?

Im glad that at least we have an amazing Dr behind us, very straight talking and we got a referral against all the odds. MY BMI subsequently is now down to 48 :)


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Hello and welcome to the weight loss forum 😊

I'm sorry you are having trouble conceiving and happy you have a sympathetic GP 😊

Losing weight, eating healthily and getting fitter will benefit you both in preparation for pregnancy. Having our other halves on board makes it so much easier. 😊

Have a look at the Newbies post, and read the links, in particular find out your bmi and target calories As this is often more than you think 😊

There are lots of challenges on the forum, weight loss and exercise ones which are fun to take part in 😊

There is also a weekly weigh in on Mondays so you could check in there if you feel you want to 😊 But remember the number on the scales is only one way of measuring fat loss and improving health and fitness.

Good luck and very best wishes

Oh no I know, I've already notice my BMI fall by 4 points and that's really what I'm looking at, 8 do yoga and am already signed up for a few charity races as well. I also use my fitness pal so that's good.

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You're doing all the right things 😊😊😊

Thanks :) Fingers crossed, my biggest issue is forgetting to eat so subsequently I have a very slow metabolism!

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