It's all in my mind

So, I was doing really well this week. Then I pmt came to bite me on the bum. I don't sleep, get grumpy, lose self control around food. Then, when I know I have blown my daily allowance i get into a 'what's the point, I've blown it now' mindset. Rationally I know that's bonkers but rational thinking flies out the window at this point. I would value advice from anyone else who battles with this. Not just women with pmt but also anyone who blow the budget and then struggle to get back on the wagon. Thanks 😀.


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3 Replies

  • Hiya. Perhaps allocate yourself some chocolate as part of your daily allowance? That way you know that you have something to get you through without blowing the calories. Curly wurlies are good, mainly because they comprise of lots of holes!! I personally have been building in a chocolate mocha into my daily allowance as I find them warming in the colder weather. Xx

  • Good morning Benlucysam1_ 😊

    Successful weight loss is not about perfection or never going over our calorie allowance, but getting back on plan afterwards so well done!! 😊

    Hormones and food cravings are a complex issue, I find having enough to eat earlier in the day, especially complex carbs helps, 😊 Exercise also helps with PMT (and post menopausal bloating in my case!) 😊 Also Could you eat towards the higher end of your target calories for a few days?

    Good luck and best wishes

  • Thanks # Anna61. That's really useful advice that I will try.

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