Post flu

I got flu almost a month ago and I was knocked sideways by it. For a lot of the time I could barely eat but since I was not able to move I wasn't using calories either. I went back to work last Monday . I'm over the flu but I've been knackered . I've been horsing through food, comfort food, just for energy. Going to bed between 9 and 10 at night which is extremely early for me. I know I'll post a weight gain this week.

I was just wondering if other people had found similar? It seems almost a strange notion this inordinate need for food. Especially calorific food.


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6 Replies

  • It sounds as though you are very run down 😕 I would relax on the calorie side and focus on foods for healing 😊 Brightly coloured fruit and vegetables, moderate amount of natural fats, comforting soups and casseroles etc

    Glad you are feeling better 😊

  • That sounds horrible, poor you. I have noticed a real craving for bread in these colder days. Trying to fight it and the colds with copious amounts of fruit.

  • Trouble is , the healthier stuff does not attract me much at the moment :-(

  • If you have not been eating then your body will be craving food as you come out of starvation mode. I'm sure Anna is right, you need to recuperate before bashing the weight too hard. Try to focus on nutrients rather than calories this week and good luck catching up with rest and recovery.

  • Be kind to yourself. Returning-to-work is not quite the same thing as returning-to-full-health. It is just a step along the way. You will be back to feeling normal soon, which will put you back on your regular planned eating and activities. x

  • It's normal and natural, I have mild bi polar and when I'm quite bad, I just crave all the crap, and yet at the mo, I'm not sure what I want in grief times.

    Seems to be healthy tho, red berries ( from frozen), some cheese and fresh stuff

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