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I am missing the warmth of weight lost group friends forum. no one from the other group has contacted me for help and had 1/2binged one night. I had set up a meeting with a dietian and asked questions espically the laxatives that i do once and awhile and she had a good talk with me about it and she definitely turn me away from them. She is a nice and wise lady. I talked to her about this site and encouraged me to reach out to the forum again which I had done well at. All I can ask is you take time to think about it. Thanks wadestreet.

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Why don't you just keep in touch with both? If your other group is more specific then there's probably less people, although those people might understand your particular issues better. There's lots of mini challenges on here that I'm sure would be good to get involved with - like the happiness/positivity one, and also one for Thanksgiving. there's also a mini weight loss challenge starting on 12 Dec I think, till end of January which I am hoping will be a focus and support for the Christmas season! I can't remember whose in charge of each of these mini challenges but you can find them using the search box, then make sure you 'follow' the person who posted it. Welcome back!


Hi there again Wadestreet - nice to see you here again. :-) Whilst I can understand why you wanted to be part of the forum that identified particularly with your issues there is no reason at all why you can't be part of both!! I get a lot of help in many areas other than the pure weight loss (in fact I'm soon going to be asking the administrators if they could possibly issue quarter of a pound tags as that is the rate I seem to lose weight! !!) but it lifts my spirits to be part of the forum. I'm sure there will be lots of positives for you to join back into this forum and I look forward to hearing about the changes you are able to make to enable you to have a healthier and happier lifestyle. A big hug from me X :-)



Hello and good morning Wadestreet 😊 You can absolutely be a member of both!! 😊 Glad you are working with your dietician too, all sounding very positive 😊

Have a good Sunday


Hi. Wadestreet. Don't think badly of your other forum. In the run up to Christmas, they may be experiencing eating crisis and are unable to support you at what can be a stressful time.

You are always welcome to pop in here and well done speaking to your dietician. Xx


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