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Message for Caz Soup Post 1 of 3

Message  for Caz Soup Post 1 of 3

Hi Caz we spoke about soup makers a couple of weeks back. Tonight Mr T and I have just emptied the fridge for supermarket shop tomorrow. Like most we have bits of veg so made a soup in my soup maker. Tomorrow's lunch.

So Caz I will send 3 posts because I am not bright enough to do a montage.

Prep.😀 garlic potatoes parsnip carrots onion 2 veg stock cubes pepper to taste. (love pepper) No salt and a drop of milk.

Fill to fill line with boiling water out the kettle.

I set mine on smooth other option chunky.

Picture prior to cooking. 😀

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Hi Trulyplumptious

I'm tagging Caz28 just in case she misses this.

Have a good week 😀


Aww thank you 😙

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