help! my newsfeed has changed

So, until a couple of days ago, I would click on 'newsfeed' and see all your lovely posts in date order, with the most recent first. Perfect for keeping up with everyones news. Now, the top post is a random one from 6 days ago that I commented on, followed by a selection of others from the last week (though in no discernable order). All ones I have interacted with in some way, rather than new ones.

The only source of new 'news' I can find is my daily digest via email.

Its really annoying and I cant seem to change it. Im sure Im missing something obvious! Help!!??


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6 Replies

  • Hi JC, go to your help button and send an email to the Tech team, telling them you're not happy with your news feed :)

    The fault doesn't lie with you!

  • Thank you! All sorted now

  • Sometimes I need to click on communities and reselect nhs weight loss to get them in date order

  • Thank you, that works!

  • My news feed has never been in date order with the newest first. In my news feed the first one is the one most recently replied to! If I want to see the posts in date order, I have to go to My Communities and choose the community I am interested in seeing posts from (I follow multiple).

  • Thank you! that was the solution

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