taking on 'the weekend'

I have had an amazing week full of motivation for what lies ahead at a point when I was beginning to think I was never going to tackle my weight and just get fatter and fatter! It hasn't been too hard at this point either but here is always my downfall and even though I'm more motivated than I've been in a long time I am still petrified that the weekend is going to undo all my hard work. We always do lovely family stuff at the weekend which usually involves lots of yummy food. So here's my plan. I'm not going to say no to everything but some things and if I say yes the calories have to balance out. I will weigh on Monday so that I have that to look forward to. Wish me luck! lots of best wished and positive thoughts to anyone facing the weekend battle too!


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9 Replies

  • Me too, I'm going away for a couple of days and have to eat out. Hoping for a stress free, non food-obsessed weekend. Good luck!

  • Weekends are the same for many of us, and I try to save a few calories for extras at the weekend, but this can easily go too far!! 😕 Have a good weekend, fingers crossed for you at the Monday weigh in 😊

  • I agree! Weekends are the worst. I always just try so hard in the week that if the weekend is a bit bad I feel over all I haven't done too badly. I also weigh on a Saturday morning so if the weekend is bad I feel I have the whole week to make it right. I try not to deny myself anything because that's a slippery slope but just remember to have everything in moderation! Good luck :)

  • That's a great idea. Think I might weigh on a Saturday too! I wasn't too bad but did have a drink or two and some polenta chips. Will pull back the calories today.

  • I had a problem initially with weekends and particularly eating out and buffets etc which I do a lot. I did find a way to cope by meticulous planning. I always check out menus in advance if they are available online so I can choose healthier options. I stick to 3 meals and day, always with sensible portion sizes, and either leave some food or have a doggy bag if the portion sizes are too big (I prefer the doggy bag as I hate waste).

    With buffets, two trips and a pledge not to overload my plate, and a quick hoover up of the grape garnishes rather than a pudding have worked so far.

    It is more difficult if someone is cooking for you, but letting them know in advance that you are trying to lose some weight usually leads to an understanding nod and a smaller portion size without any fuss for the hosts. On occasions I have only eaten a very small amount of food before going out in the evening if I know I really can't do any of the above.

    I just say no to pudding of any kind and don't really drink alcohol any more, mainly because I would rather use my calories on food, but if you like a drink or two, just include that in your calorie allowance.

    Don't stress about your lovely weekend; plan ahead and enjoy every minute. You really can lose weight and enjoy life to the full, believe me! x

  • Thank you for that encouragement and you have lost 4 stone so must know what you're talking about! I think I will definitely cut down on puddings and alcohol. I had a drink yesterday and didn't enjoy it that much so prob not worth the calories.

  • Every calorie is precious and I do agree it is better to have a good think about what you want to spend them on. I don't miss alcohol at all, but I do still have a Baileys in my coffee on rare occasions and now and again treat myself to just one rum and diet coke.

    I'm just packing ready for a few days away with my hubby at a posh hotel so the temptation of buffet breakfasts and eating out are going to be really difficult. Of course, having had this conversation with you I now have to practice what I preach so although you are a newbie, you are helping to keep me on the straight and narrow already.

    Many thanks Catlady and I hope you have a fantastic week ahead.

    Wish me luck x

  • Weekends are really difficult but you know you can do it that word "NO" has to come out of our mouth more lol. Here to a good weekend for all. -:) x x

  • I know how you feel!!!

    Ive got my first meal out tonight at a restaurant, which im quite worried about! Indian, which i LOVE. I also weigh in on Mondays, though might change it to Tuesdays just so I can have the benefit of an extra day to make it up!!

    Good luck for the weekend, for everyone!!

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