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BowieFan601 stone

I am feeling fed up at the moment as I was really getting into healthy eating and half hours exercise a day feeling I was really getting healthy again and now have been diagnosed with Shingles!!!!has anyone else had it and if so how did they cope ,were they put on antivirals( I wasn't),and how long did it last????i know there is a lot of info out there but I want advice from REAL people not statistics....

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Ruby81 stone

oh, poor thing, what a bummer! I have't had shingles, but I know people who have. I think it will clear up quite quickly and isn't anything to worry about. Just keep going with your healthy lifestyle and I am sure everything will be fine. x


Sorry to hear you have shingles.My sister had it recently and went on anti vitals straight away which meant she had 2 weeks of mild discomfort rather than possibly a much longer recovery . Hope you get better soon.


Oh no! What dreadful timing . . . I think it can take a while to clear up so I would take it easy, eat properly but perhaps aim to maintain rather then lose for a few weeks until you are properly fit and well 😊

Get well soon

BowieFan601 stone

Thank you for all your replies- just a nuisance as the timing is a real pain( excuse the pun) ha !ha!

Trouble is now I'm off work and I'm still doing the lunch in a lunchbox but I know it's going to be really hard not to pick, I'll have to finish the scarf I've been knitting for the last six months( no it's not that it's really long it's just that I'm not that good at knitting!!!) ;)


My husband and I have both had shingles, at different times, neither of us took any medication.

If I remember rightly, it took several weeks to clear up and was really painful! Mine was on my leg, just to be different and at the time, I had a job that required me to be on my feet 9 hours a day. It was a case of mind over matter and just getting on with it :)

I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine, if a bit sore and as long as you watch what you're eating, there shouldn't be any reason why you wouldn't continue to lose weight and get healthier :)

Good luck, BowieFan, I feel for you! :)

HiddenHealthy BMI

I had it about 12 years ago when I was 50. By the time I went to see the doctor they said it was too late for the antivirus to help (this advice may have changed). It didn't last long and I had no lasting pain. My friend who has fibromyalgia also developed shingles about the same time as me her story is totally different from mine...she gets flare ups at least twice a year. However, she is far from healthy, on so much medication it is truly frightening, can hardly walk and has very poor sleeping patterns. Fatigue and stress bring on her shingles. My ex also developed shingles in his early 60s he claims the pain was the worst he's ever felt his shingle spots took months to go but they have never returned and he's not had lasting residual pain (allegedly common with older people). I imagine you could ask 100 people and get 100 different responses about their experience with shingles. As the chickenpox virus which causes the shingles never leaves your body it makes sense (well in my head anyways) to try and do everything possible to keep the virus at bay by keeping your body and mind in good repair. Hopefully your bout will be short lived - if you have ongoing concerns then I'd urge you go back and see you doctor.

BowieFan601 stone
in reply to Hidden

Thank you both for your replies-I will just have to go with- it as it were and see what comes!!!wish me luck !

Marylou54Super Trier

Hope you feel better soon. Shingles not pleasant - my dad had it on his head and face - and has been mentioned can leave you with residual pain. He used to get shooting pains in the same places as the shingles had been esp if he got overtired/stressed which luckily wasn't too often as he was a laid back sort of man most of the time. But as Angusinajust said it will be different for every one who gets it and hopefully yours will be mild and disappear aas fast as poss. Keep knitting that scarf and feel better soon :-)

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