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I am just peeking out from my winter hibernation to say hi! I haven't weighed myself this week, I maintained last week, and I have no idea where I will be at the next weigh in. I find this part of winter, pre Christmas, particularly challenging. I am being a bit more relaxed about what I am eating, but certainly not over eating or binging on cake or chocolate. It will be interesting to see if that is enough to see me lose weight. I would say I am eating the way I would like to in order to maintain. In a way I would be happy to just maintain until after Christmas, as I know I will be newly energised in January.

Anyway, that's me, just sharing my thoughts! I hope you are all well . :-) x

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Hiya, I am also hibernating and feeling pretty much the same as you.

I totally blew my calories yesterday as was at an award ceremony with really lovely food. However I think I can rein it in today to off-set the excess.

I would like to lose my last few pounds before Christmas but suspect it might not be a realistic desire, so am also ok with maintaining during this time. I will aim to stay within my calories and continue with exercise but am not going get stressed if the odd mince pie comes my way....

Good luck with maintaining and enjoy hibernating! I love being all cosy and more inwards (until party season starts of course!). Have a great day!

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Glad I am not alone Seuzan ! :-) I weighed myself this morning and have put a pound on, so that was a reality check! There is no way I am going to let myself creep back the stone that I worked hard to lose! So, I will try to steer a path of moderation over the next month or so!!

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Me too!! I just jumped on the scales and a 2lb increase after yesterday's indulgence. A day of abstinence for me today!

No way am I letting all the hard work be sabotaged. Back on the wagon!

Have a great day...


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