Am I too happy with myself?

So my secret guilty pleasure is to read loads and loads of "weight loss success stories" online. I don't know how true they are or how honest they are, but I can read them for hours.

They all lose weight so QUICKLY. and they all say things like " I went from eating four chocolate bars a day to none at all", as if that's all it takes! and I think.. I never ate that way.. how is it fair that I'm so overweight and they've given up eating ridiculously and suddenly their weight is perfect? I know these stories simplify it all and everything. What bothers me is, do these people actually have such good and quick success because of how unhappy they were? they're all stories of how something happened to make them want to change, to make themselves happy. I'm already happy.. I'm obviously not happy with my weight and how I look naked... but it doesn't stop me from being happy with myself. I love myself and I know losing weight won't fix everything.

I just wonder if I WAS desperately unhappy and distraught with my life and if I blamed my weight for everything that made me unhappy, would I be losing weight with more vigour? i AM trying but I could always try harder and do more. I could stop using calories for treats to get where I want to be. But I just don't seem to have the motivation to try that hard. Would I be better off being a bit less at peace with myself?

Just a thought! I weigh in tomorrow and I'm probably feeling a bit guilty about not doing as much as I should health-wise, so distracting myself with excuses!


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14 Replies

  • I think you're right, these stories do follow a theme. I have two views on this, we never hear whether these people maintain their weight loss and I suspect that losing that quickly is not sustainable, and the other thought is that the diet industry (which is a huge and exploitative business ) wants us to think that there are quick fixes and publish stories that suit their narrative. More evidence that we're in a post-truth society.

    I do agree with one thing in the stories, most people do have a moment that is a wake up call. It might not be dramatic thing, but there does have to be a trigger. It doesn't mean you have to be sad maybe just as simple as wanting to look better naked ! 😀 All the best with your weight loss 😀

  • I do wonder if they stick with their weight loss. I sincerely hope that they do! But I am very aware that only the most "sensational" stories tend to be printed for impact. I guess I sort of felt like I already had the "wake up call", but it didn't push me to lose weight as quickly as those people! :) Never mind though, I will get there eventually! Thanks :)

  • Have you read our own, home grown, success stories, kinbun? We can vouch for their authenticity, because we've witnessed their evolution :) You can find them in The Road to Success Topic and there are some fantastic ones! :)

    Whilst it's nice to be motivated and inspired by other people's journeys, we shouldn't compare our progress with theirs. We each reach our finishing lines in our own fashion and at our own pace.

    It's possible that those of us that are desperately unhappy may try a bit harder, but when the realisation that being slim doesn't solve all wrongs, sets in, so the weight will be regained at an equally fast rate!

    Be happy about being happy and carry on plodding. Slow and steady wins the race :)

  • I know I shouldn't compare myself to other stories - it's just very hard not to sometimes! Even if it's just partially out of curiosity like - why are they so different to me? It just made me ponder :) I will have a look at the road to success stories!

    Thank you for your reply - I'll keep plodding along :)

  • No, feeling bad about yourself is not a good motivational factor. But it is worthwhile to always "start with a why" when you are trying to change things. Why do you want to lose weight? What is your motivation? Keep digging: I am dieting. Why? Because I want to lose weight. Why/What will you achieve? I will look better when I'm naked if I am slim. Why is that important to you? Etc. etc.

    Finding out what really motivates us is the way forward. My deepest reason for losing weight is that I want to become a better runner (I am head over heels in love with running) so whenever I am tempted to eat or drink something calorific, I think about how light footed the slim me is going to be. I love the vision of me almost flying. It really keeps me going. We all have our own reasons. I hope you find yours.

  • That's a really good motivation to have :) I'll keep your reply in mind and try to think of what I really want to achieve - and maybe that will spur me on!

  • Interesting post Kinbun . I am personally feeling in 'winter mode' at the moment, and I find myself less motivated to strive for weight loss. I think it's brilliant that you are essentially happy! I would say generally I am too. However it's good for our health to have less fat on our body and be a healthy weight, and although I have always been and will probably alway be 'curvy' I do think clothes look better on a slimmer body so that is what motivates me. There are other benefits too, being able to tie my shoe laces more easily without my spare tyre getting in the way for example!

    I don't know what the answer is, but I am confident you will find the right way forward for you! :-) x

  • It IS good for our health and that's something I always try to keep in mind. The issue is I'm aware that i AM losing weight, so I think my brain is like "yep, that's good enough" where as I feel like I could be trying so much harder but can't seem to bring myself to! Thank you for your reply :) I'm sure I'll find my way!

  • I reckon it's related to the time of year, I'm guessing you might feel different after christmas, or by the spring. x

  • Yes an interesting post Kinbun .My motivation was realising that if I (and overweight hubby) wanted to carry on enjoying our lives, we needed to get fitter and healthier as a few health niggles were creeping up on us and probably more looming if we didn't do something about it . I lost 3st by changing shopping, cooking habits completely and we have carried on with new lifestyle without too much difficulty. Have picked up loads of useful information on here and know much more about food and nutrition in general. Have stayed the same weight since early summer but know there is no going back to old bad habits and anyway actually enjoy new healthier food. Being slimmer and fitter has had a positive impact on both our lives in so many ways. We are definitely happier and healthier. Saying that have injured my shoulder....but that is another story and in the past would have been comfort eating to cheer myself up but now know that doesn't work. Enjoying being part of this forum as so friendly, supportive and just as useful for those of us that are trying to maintain as those at various stages on their weight loss journey . Best wishes and hope you carry on being motivated, you are doing well!

  • Your reply is lovely :) It's so good to hear the changes you've made and that you've managed to maintain through the summer! I know Winter is a hard time because of Christmas etc. but I actually think summer is just as bad with all of the BBQ food and events that go on! :) I'm happy to hear that things have gone so well for you and that both you and your hubby are now fitter and healthier!

  • I agree totally with what your saying Kinbun 😊 It actually makes me a bit cross the way the media portray being overweight as the result of zero movement and 100% junk food!!! Grrrrr 😡😡😡 it certainly isn't my experience.

    But I also like to read success stories, and I also read everything I can about the psychology of over eating. My personal favourite is the foodforfitness blog and podcasts which I highly recommend 😊

  • I find when I feel good about myself and think 'I'm ok really' I am much more motivated as I want to feel even better. When I feel bad I just give up!


  • The press will only pay for a newsworthy story. It would be interesting to reinterview some of those diet success people now and see if they have kept off the weight or yoyoed.

    Be grateful that you are content with life and are losing weight for your health and general wellbeing rather than trying to reinvent yourself. Slow weight loss is sustainable longterm. Good luck. Xx

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