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Where do I go, please, to enter my weight on a Monday afternoon, on this site?

I put on 1.75 lbs after two nights staying with my daughter and being indulgent with cake, curry, ice cream and a take away. My fault but it was good...

I've done an hour each of Pilates and Yoga this week and am going swimming later after my walk with Winston our Shiy tzu. 🐶🐾🐾


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Hi , if you follow lowcal or moreless it should come up on your news feed when they post it usually early Monday mornings , but you should still find it on there now if you click on your name at top of page then press news feed it should take you to it just scroll down till you get to it . I hope this helps you or maybe someone else will have another way for you to get to it good luck :)

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Hi Caroline,

The latest weigh-in thread can always be found in the Events Section, to the right of the home page, (bottom, if using a mobile), or you can follow Zest and myself, to get a notification when we post the threads.

We post a Morning Session at around 06.30 on Monday mornings, then because it gets very full and glitchy, we post another Afternoon/Evening Session at around noon and close the Morning Session. The Afternoon/Evening Session remains open to weighers until 6pm on the following Friday.

If you're going to be posting on a Monday afternoon, be sure that you're posting in the correct thread, because we don't reply to any late posters, in the Morning Session, until Tuesday morning. It's too much to keep up with 2 different threads, when it's really busy on a Monday.

I hope this all makes sense to you and that we'll see you on Monday afternoon :)

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