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Can someone please recommend a healthy, easy, no hassle 7 day meal plan which I won't lose taste of which I'll be able to repeat each week? I started my diet 2 months ago, I lost 10lbs and was over the moon, I soon lost interest and began snacking and have put it all back on! 😓 Please could someone be willing enough to reply eith a meal plan for me I struggle so much and my weight seriously puts my confidence down! I'm not obese but neither am I 'average' would really appreciate it! 😁 Thank you in advance!


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  • I can't give any advice on healthy eating plans but have you tried Slim & Save? I can't eat any carbs without putting on weight, that includes fruit and most veg. It's a plan that consists of shakes, soups, bars and meal packs. It's definitely no fuss and the weight comes off (initially up to a stone first week) at 2-3lb a week. I have no willpower when it comes to dieting but find this plan really works and because you can see the fat melting away it keeps your mirale up. It's also not expensive and their Facebook forums is amazing as there's always a S&S staff member on duty to help. Oh and their flavours of shakes and bars are scrummy. The first three days are hard for some but after that you're off. ❤️

  • Hi there I know what u mean about the carbs, I am in Australia so can I ask what are the meal packs?

  • Hi, The meal packs are in dried form and you add boiling water. They are Spicy Spaghetti, cottage pie, pasta etc. Then the soups which are like a cup soup. I don't knowwhat the equivalent plan would be in Australia but there must be a company that does similar. I'm on the plan at the moment and have lost 10lb in 5 days. Just thought you will probably have The Cambridge Diet or Lighter Life where you are as I think they may be international ❤️

  • Thank you I will investigate.

  • How do I get their shakes tho.. And if you don't mind me asking, what's the price you pay for this per month?

  • To be honest, you do not need just a diet, you need to change your lifestyle. I try so many different diets but every time was the same, after I stop my strict diet I put on again and I think that is very normal, so do not give up and try to change your lifestyle. I get very fascinate about nutrigenomics after watching very interesting TV program regarding weight problems and genetics, try google it ;-) I bought genetic test from Danish company 3 months ago and I think that it was the best choice :-) Now I am eating regarding to my genes and I am loosing weight without any special diet and the most important is that I am not hungry anymore. I learn in the first place why I have weight problems, it is my FTO gene, I learn as well what kind of food will help me to loos weight and what kind of sport is best for me if I wish to loos weight. There is few genetic company in the market but here is the one I got it. They have one more only about weight control, a little cheaper Good luck ;-)

  • I am afraid Anna Bella is right and it is not about diet but about attitude to food and lifestyle. i reduce my calorie intake to lose at the moment but when i reach target i will still have to keep an eye on all my intake. You need to decide what exercise you will do at least 5 days a week that you will stick to. I know I won't go to the gym so I walk every day. I do 20 mins in the morning on my way to work and another 20 in my lunch break. I always take the stairs as although it is hard at the start, it does a lot for stamina within a few weeks. I had to run for a bus the other day and I wasn't even out of breath. you get fitter without even noticing. I got rid of all unhealthy food in my cupboard so when I feel I need a snack there is none of the bad stuff to hand. I don't have a formal meal plan as unless you are prepared to sit down and plan every meal and then shop for everything, you will fall by the wayside. I buy chicken, turkey, fish, prawns, tuna as staples and fruit and veg. I use the hairy dieters book for recipe ideas and cook those in the evenings. I have very small amounts of carbs as you still need these foods. I use rice cakes, weight watchers biscuits, popcorn and fruit for snacks and make sure I have one each day as this makes me feel that I am not making a sacrifice. if I go out, I have one glass of wine and then drink water as coke etc still have calories. I discovered fish cakes are quite filling and range from 175- 250 cals so make a perfect lunch with some carrot or pepper strips added. eggs are low in calories but good at filling you up. I also have promised myself a new dress when I reach my target weight so I have about another stone to go and new dress - YEAH. Also I do realise as Christmas is upon us it is impossible not to be surrounded by food but i think aiming not to put any on over Christmas might be the best goal. I am determined not to put the work in to lose just to put it back on. we can do it together if that helps. we can update each week and share ideas and weigh in - we can help each other a lot.

  • I think that your way is very good, it is a kind of life style changing but It will make it more easy to loose weight if you do that genetic test, check your FTO gene and another think I would recommend is try to eat most of your food with low glycaemic index, it really help. It is diet for people with diabetes mostly but I think all people should live by it. Here you can find some helpful info ;-) Have a nice day!

  • Hi there, I'm pretty new around here so i hope this helps.... also i hope you like to cook from scratch :)

    I've been following this blog Hungry Healthy Happy ( for years now and Dannii even brought a book this year! they have loads of tasty recipes for meal plans and truly are easy to make and follow.

    I was also recommended a recipe book from Patrick Holford by a work Colleague "The Holford Low GL Diet: Lose Weight and Feel Great in 30 Days". Now i haven't actually tried sticking the diet plan in this book yet (there's a 4 week weight loss meal plan and advice for when you move on to a maintenance plan once at your goal weight or size) but i have made most of the recipes and they do taste good especially the spicy turkey burgers!

    Both of these encourage slow and sustainable weight loss and ways to build a new routine to build up fitness levels and keep the weight off. As I say i'm only just starting out on my health and weight loss journey but I hope this gives you a little inspiration.

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