Porridge not keeping me full?

So I posted the overnight oats I made earlier and at the time felt full but 2 hours later I was already hungry!?. People always say that porridge keeps them full till lunch time! Does anyone have any advice/suggestions? Thanks :)

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  • AuraShadows are you using rolled oats or pinhead oats?

  • The old fashioned rolled oats from tesco (ones in the big bag in baking isle) not instant ones :)

  • I only use pinhead oats to make porridge - no milk - just water and a pinch of salt. They keep me full but I have a large bowl :)

  • Oats never keep me full. I'm back on the weetabix :-)

  • Hi AuraShadows,

    Personally I usually have 30g of oats in the morning, but I also supplement that with some nuts (walnuts, almonds and brazil nut) and some seeds (pumpkin, sesame, chia, and sunflower), and some fresh fruit (blueberries, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple) depending on what I have available, and I have that with semi-skimmed milk, and cinnamon sprinkled on top. I find the combination is filling, and having the nuts is particularly sustaining as it's some protein. Maybe that would be worth adding in?

    Lowcal :-)

  • Porridge doesn't keep me full either. I find other cereals, especially granola-style ones keep me full for longer.

  • You could try eating a more balanced breakfast with protein and fruit/veg aswell as carbs. maybe something like mushroom omeleete with lightly fried potatoes. or sausage, low sugar beans and piece toast. if time is an issue in the mornings you could prep the night before maybe.

  • I prefer Scott's old fashioned oats they're bigger and thicker and always add fresh fruit or compote on top or even nuts and seeds with a dribble of honey 😇 Some mornings I'm not very hungry so I take it to work in a thermos pot and have it later.

  • For some of us (and that includes me) it is *porridge* (ie hot, cooked oats) that keeps us full till lunchtime, and overnight oats (ie soaked), yummy though they are, don't. Porridge is two minutes in the microwave.

  • There was something on tv recently that said anything that makes porridge easy to cook ie soaking or finer rolling for the microwave, makes the porridge (or some other foods for that matter) easier to digest, so it passes through the stomach quicker, throwing the hungry switch again. From that I gather the basic (and cheap) rolled oats are best. Milk or water is a matter of choice. We need nutrition, but of course there are calories in milk.

    I heat mine, turn off the heat, go and get washed and dressed. Being careful to time it so they don't boil over while your back's turned. By this time, they're ready.

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