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Here I am beginning week-twelve and what a journey. Never for one minute did I ever think this site was going to be my best friend on my weight loss journey. Each week has been a time to take on board a different aspect of how to continue to loose weight . Beginning at a 12st 7lbs , this morning I weighed 10st 7lbs. I do feel so much fitter, with taking more exercise and eating on the whole healthier. At the moment I am back wearing all my clothes but am a bit confused as being 5ft 4ins, my goal weight according to one chart should be another one and a half stone to loose. Any advice would be appreciated and then the biggest hurdle will be keeping the weight off , something I have never been able to do. Looking forward to hearing from as many who can relate to where I'm at 🙂


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7 Replies

  • Hi Ganny,

    Wow, how fantastic to hear you've lost a total of 2 stone!!! Many Congratulations!!! Would you like your Weight loss badge upgraded to a 2 stone one now, to mark that occasion? Let either me or moreless know, and we'll change it!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you, would love love a badge ! More less has beaten you to it .thank you for all your help and commitment to all struggling with weight/health issues your time is priceless for so many people xx

  • moreless is speedy - I think she's a Hare!!!! :-)

    Ganny - your lovely 2 stone badge looks amazing!!! Many Congratulations and thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated! :-) xx

  • Hi Ganny,

    First of all, many congratulations for almost completing the 12 week plan and for losing a whopping 2st!!! That's fantastic! :)

    I'm going to be a lot less polite than Zest and assume that as you're already sporting a lovely badge, that you'll like a 2st badge, even more. So I'm just going to go ahead and award it, because you soooooooo deserve it! :)

    In response to your question re ideal weight, I loaded your stats into the NHS BMI calculator, which says you need to lose another 1lb to be just into healthy BMI and whilst you could, if you wished, go all the way down to 7st 10lbs and still be considered healthy, my personal opinion, as a woman of a similar age, is that a little bit of meat on your bones is far more attractive than the scrawny look! ;) Maybe, if you lost another 3 - 7lbs, you'd have a nice bit of leeway, for when you're maintaining :)

    There are many maintainers still with us, who are only too willing to offer advice, so if you stick with us too, you should have no problems at all :)

    All the best! :)

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply, and for my badge 🙂. Will try for the next couple of weeks to stay on track and get another 7lbs of before Christmas! Then see how I am eating and exercising. I am so scared about losing tooooo much as have been there before !!!!!!! And know I'm a bit of a control /routine type of person . Many thanks xx

  • Remember what I said about the scrawny look not being good for ladies of a certain age! ;)

  • Hi Ganny well done and what a great feeling!! I also lost two stone (was 12.5) and am 5'4 so was disheartened to see I could be another stone and half lighter in the healthy bmi area. I'm now 10 stone 1 and feeling like I don't want to be any less partly because I don't think it will suit me , wrinkly wise(!) and also because I don't think I'd be able to maintain it realistically. The bmi is a guide but not gospel so I would say to see how you're looking and feeling in your clothes and go with that. Happy shopping for new clothes!! 😃

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