Hi all, if you take the time to read this I really do appreciate it!

By the end of the Summer just gone, I had lost nearly three stone in weight, completed couch to 5K and ate extremely healthily (having the odd cheat day here and there of course!)

I went to university but in the end decided it was not for me and due to personal circumstances, am currently living in my grandparents house along with my mum. Whilst a uni I kept up the exercise and healthy eating and my weight kept near about the same, which I was super happy with. However, due to many problems at home, lack of motivation and still job hunting, I am struggling. My mum and I buy our own food (which is healthy!) yet my grandparents are feeders and the temptation is always too much for me. Before we never had unhealthy things like biscuits, crisps or cereal in the cupboards but knowing it's there and available, I get cravings and cannot stop them. I have only put on about five or six pounds but I do not want to gain all the weight back! I manage a day or two back to counting calories and eating the right food but then I want a huge bowl or cornflakes or some hobnobs and then think why bother stopping now? I have registered for a 10K, 10 miler, tough mudder and the great north run next year, so I am still running whenever I can. It's just the eating and making myself move move during the day. I have tried to read things about the amount of sugar etc in certain foods to put myself off, but it's not working and I cannot stop. I'm not sure what to do, because I am so happy and proud of what I achieved and cannot let myself slip now. I also know I was obsessive counting calories before, and I really want to stop as soon as I get back to my 'perfect' weight.

One very stuck Hannah.

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  • Hello Hannah,

    Firstly WELL DONE on losing nearly three stone and completing the c25k, that in itself is a wonderful achievement. Its totally understandable that you don't want to gain all that weight back. Can you (or perhaps your mother) explain to your grandparents how you feel and ask if they would help by putting the biscuits, etc. somewhere you can't see them. Perhaps get yourself some fruit or other healthy snacks and have it prepared for when you are tempted.

    I do hope you find a solution to your problem and can get back on track with healthy eating.

    Good luck 🍀

    Mouse 🐭

  • Really well done on completing C25k and losing 3 stone! Thats amazing! I find looking at the sugar and coverting it to teaspoons helpful (4g = 1 teaspoon. WHO recommends 6-12tsp) as puts it in more of a perspective. Could they put all the stuff you dont want to eat somewhere you cant reach easily?

  • Well done on what you have achieved this summer and also well done on recognising things are going off plan, and doing something about it!! 😊

    Two things I would say, firstly stress and anxiety hinder weight loss, it's a fact, something to do with hormones, so stop beating yourself up. You have had a very stressful time. 😕 Secondly, on a practical level, could you find the money to join a gym? My daughter is struggling to find work after Uni and gym gives her focus and something to fill her time in between the very few shifts she has in her (very) part time job. 😊 Our council gym is £19 month unlimited access to pool, gym and sauna. Fills several long boring afternoons. 😊 Then you don't want to eat and undo all the hard work. Some people even get their GP to pay if that is maybe an option?. 😊

    Good luck and very best wishes 😊

  • Hi Hannah

    I'm new to this site and am starting the very long journey of trying to loose 4 stone. Your post has inspired me as you have actually lost the weight and are trying to keep it off instead of giving up against all the odds. I think you have a lot to give to others, especially advise on how to keep the weight loss going. Maybe by giving others advise on how you lost the weight you can see ways that will keep you going. I think the post below from Anna61 was also really good - get out the house as much as possible and away from all the temptations.

    thanks again for the inspiration and good luck

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