End of week 3 and progress is slow but progress nonetheless 😐

So I'm plodding along and chipping away, but sometimes I think we all have weeks where things/stuff gets in the way of our healthy eating.

For me at the end of 3 weeks I have lost 4 lbs and I'm feeling a little down about this slow progress.

Positives are no gain, it's still progress, slow and steady wins the race. 😊 However my other unhelpful voice is saying that 4 lbs is not much to show for 3 weeks, yet again you over ate and drank too many calories so you clearly can't stick to plan and have failed!

I'm not listening to my other voice however as I'm only 3 lbs off my first 7lb badge, once I have lost 3lbs I will also be closer to the next stone and if I give up the only way is up and I know I don't want to get any heavier.

I have a work do in a couple of weeks, and am realising that I will not be able to wear any size 14 soon, so think I may not bother buying anything new. This makes me a little upset as I work with a lot of size 10's and even a couple of 8's but I enjoy myself knowing I can treat myself soon in the sales.

Sorry for my ramblings just trying to keep myself going as these dark nights are not helpful it seems weekdays are work, home, eat, sleep and repeat!

Have a good week everyone as I intend to and will try and mix up my routine this week to keep myself in check, moving and on plan 😊

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  • It is so hard not to listen to that voice. I am a very slow loser 16 lb since May about 23 weeks. It can get very frustrating and makes us want to give. Many people do a chart. You can see one on my fitness pal if you use it. I find it motivating to see the line going down. πŸ˜€ even if It is slowly. I try to remember not to compare myself to others it is my body I have to change and it will work how my body works not how others do 😊 and there is no time limit! This is a change for life and if I keep to the calories and exercise goals I am at least living a healthier lifestyle weight loss is an added bonus. Keep going onwards and downwards

  • Thank you so much for taking time to reply. You are absolutely right I should not compare myself to others. This is my journey and I'm adjusting to my healthy lifestyle. Thank you I needed to hear that 😊

  • Oh Dora, I know it's tough, your next goal could be Christmas, with maybe another 4 lb loss? Somehow in the damp, cold, and yuk days you need the "get up and go" to go on and lose! Maybe a non food treat and a warning to those nearest not to buy you chocs, mine have been told, nor face/hand creams, I hate those! ( for Christmas).

    Maybe seek some yummy herbal teas, often almost no cals and yet tasty, it had helped me a fair bit.

    As for the work dos, I've never been a size 8 or 10, and some skinniest do look somewhat unhealthy, find something lovely to wear, some lovely jewellery , look lovely for who you are now, enjoy and take care x

  • Thank you very much for your reply. I will certainly try to look lovely just as I am at the work do, and treating myself to some new jewellery would help my confidence. Thank you 😊

  • You should be very happy with your weight loss. You're changing your lifestyle and you don't want to rush to the finish line, pile back on the weight and have to start the marathon again!

    I really struggle with how slowly I lose weight, so I sympathise, but try not to be down about it :)

    You might not be a size 14 YET but you WILL be! With your consistent losses there's no doubt. :) so take comfort in knowing you will definitely get there.

    Don't worry about everyone else and what size they are, theyre not you and there are probably things they would change about themselves if they could because nobody is perfect.

    You deserve to treat yourself to new clothes, and I hope you get to buy loads of size 14's in the new year sales :) :)

  • Thank you so much for your reply. You are absolutely right I should be pleased with my progress. I think having tried to diet more years than I care to remember has affected my metabolism and my will power.

    I should not worry what everyone else is doing and I thank you for your encouragement as I change my lifestyle 😊

  • Just keep going. Stick to it and get in the habit of eating right. I love cake, but today ate celery and walnuts - gorgeous !! Your tastes will change. Also enjoyed a very sharp tasting grapefruit tonight when I would really have fancied something sweet. I want to make the scales move, and I know they will show the same weight for about 5-6 days, and then suddenly dip. I await that dip all week !!!

  • Thank you so much for your reply. This community is a great source of inspiration and support. I really want the scales to show a great loss so I just need to keep going as you say. Changing habits is such an important part of weight loss isn't it. I must try harder with this. Thank you again 😊

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