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Hi all

At the time of writing this I am 34 (35 in 5 weeks) 6ft 2 and weighing 20st 3lbs

I have recently got married have a wonderful wife (who I will get too later) and 4 brilliant step children but the main reason for being here as with many is the weight issue.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 3yrs ago and with some lifestyle changes (mainly cutting sugar out from fizzy drinks and jelly sweets, energy drinks) I achieved within half a year going back to under diabetic range, my weight at that time was 18.5 and felt a whole lot better but as the years have progressed I have adopted a lazy lifestyle choice in food (still cut out unwanted sugars in drinks but not in sauces and some snacks) portion sizes (A whole plate) not much in 5 a day etc etc.

At the moment I suffer with HBP and take tablets but again this is something that I am aiming to reverse with the right choices/exercise, today is my first day proper although I have done a bit to help myself over the weekend I have taken out (the usual 3 teaspoons) of sugar away from my mug of tea, I have had wholemeal bread with my sandwich and breakfast along with an apple, banana and steam veg for my 5 a day, I have drunk pints of water (from the tap but the misses insists on buying bottled) I did a 15 minute dumb bell exercise that got me going a bit and had a mild walk.

My main problem is willpower but this time I think something is clicking to want to maintain this (relatively young man with wife and children) talking about the wife (like I said above) she has gone through all this going from 20st to 15 whilst having crippling pain from her EDS condition so she is kind of an inspiration.

I plan on using some help and advice from these pages whilst also using techniques from others.

Well enough with my jabbering on and hello.

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Hello and welcome, glad you've had a good start! Well I'm lazy too, live on my own, 1 loved cat and work full time, I also suffer from mild bi polar and menopause ( at 54 I would).

Here's how I cope with at times very early starts ( 4.30 am at times), b'fast low sugar fruits , kiwi , or red frozen fruits, toast 1 slice with nut butter, 2teasp or scrambled eggs, 1 slice of toast, and sometimes a toasted brioche bun ( rarely tho ). Snack mid morning 25 g pocket pack plain nuts (Aldi/Lidl/ greggs), or small Apple.

Lunch small roll or sandwich under about 350 cals, fruit again, whatever really ( under 100 cals). Mid afternoon snack, maybe crisps or nuts.

Dinner anything under 500 cals and veg, evening , drinks or raw veg, at times I 'bank' cals for later , I drink quite a lot of black coffee , water or herbal tea.

I have posted some nice/ easy slowcooker recipes in that section that you mind useful for all of you.wishing you a successful , happy weight loss week!


Hi Danny,

A warm welcome to the Weight loss NHS forum. I hope you'll find plenty of support and motivation here - do have a look at our Pinned posts and especially our Welcome Newbie post - it contains lots of great posts from past and current members, and the NHS 12 week plan is really good - maybe join us in the Monday group weigh-in too - it's going on today, so do join us if you like the idea of a weigh-in with a supportive group. The session will remain open till 18 00 on Friday, for any late weighers, so if you like to weigh first thing in the morning, then you could always do that one morning and then post. The link is in the Events section, below the Pinned posts.

Wishing you a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Ah thanks Lowcal almost on cue! With your welcome!

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Hello dannyb1 and welcome to the forum. You are amongst many like minded people who are aiming for a healthier lifestyle and a change for life. The 12 week NHS plan is an excellent start for this. Obviously weight loss is a part of but building a positive mindset is also very important and you sound like you have made an excellent start on that.

Have you read the pinned posts for newbies on the right of your screen or bottom depending on your device? There is loads of helpful advice about the NHS 12 week plan which many of us started with. Also about the Monday weigh in which many of us have found very motivating. There is information on challenges and recipes. It is helpful to stay active on the forum and reach out for support when you want it 😀 I wish you luck and determination


Thank you for your kind comments and helpful suggestions, I have quickly glanced over the pinned post but will take a better look.

I also forgot to add that the guide for my height is between 10 - 14st although I am quite a broad build and thought getting to that weight would make me look silly so I-m aiming for about 15.

I have another question I have a peddle cycle (the one with just the front wheel as resistance) and I can go through that and burn 1500cal quite easily but are these things all there cracked up to be?

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No idea about the cycle, sorry, you've some good replies!

Wishing you a good mindful food day, and upbeat mood despite damp!

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Hi all I'm just dropping in to say everything is still going well and I have dropped from 20.3 to 19.9 (although my scales give me varying results in different places but that was my lowest weight result)


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