Beware the Blow out Blues

Since January this year I've lost 4 stone. Completely changed my way of eating to healthier and more importantly 'sustainable' which in my opinion is the key..... Anyway, Saturday I fancied chocolate brownies, Nigel Slaters recepies if anyone's interested.... I gave myself a very rare evening of food I like but don't eat..... a baguette with cheese, and a helping of the chocolate brownie, too large a helping, and ice cream....

Sunday saw me I'll all day..... I felt really ill, I felt I'd been poisoned, no exaggerating..... I felt extremely sick and a huge distended belly.... I didn't get up till 1 and spent the rest of the day on the sofa just waiting for the feeling to go ..... my poor body didn't know what had hit it ..... never again ...... be careful overdoing it ..... it's not worth it ...... our bodies really do know what's best ..... and what's not ☹️


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7 Replies

  • Poor you. That's quite a bad reaction.

    I must admit I have noticed that it takes far less for me to feel 'totally stuffed' than it used to which is a good thing I guess.

    I hope you feel back to normal now and will still go on to treat yourself to a bit of baking or foods you enjoy occasionally.


  • Awww thank you for the sympathy ruby ....... I honestly did feel that ill....... I've cut the rest of the brownies up into 'small portions ' and frozen ......

    Hope you are keeping well and your weight loss has given you lots of benefits ! Xxxxxx

  • Yes, I can reach my feet, am fitting into old clothes that I really like, and my double chin has gone! I find winter a bit of a challenge, especially with the lack of light, but am surviving, and my eating habits have really improved since I joined this forum.

    Wishing you well on the continuing journey! Onwards and downwards! :-)

  • Maybe a reminder of the benefits of eating healthily is not such a bad thing, although feeling that ill is never a good! Hope you are OK now.

  • You are right on both counts sailsalot; I've just been shopping and there were chocolates stacked on the ends of an aisle; thought went through my head; poison 😬

  • I did the same with a very modest Creme Brûlée - felt horribly sick - note to self - do not over indulge .....

  • I honestly felt I'd been poisoned ...... better today 👌 X

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