A year on - and a few days

A year on - and a few days

Hi everyone weighing in at 9st 13 and half pound today so I think I am up 1.5 lb but still under 10 which is my maintaining goal, so cannot be complacent, here is my graph which shows quite clearly how its easy to creep back up. so start date was nov13th 2015 and last recording today. The dip over the last 6 weeks is when we decided to sell the house and I can see I am a bit less stressed and its gone up over the last week mainly because we have eaten out to celebrate obviously a bad thing to have the wine . On the whole I have given up wine and been able to do so. I know it would easily revert so only allowing myself a glass on exchange of contracts and completion. Giving up alcohol has been the major reason for success followed closely by cake and chocolate, so there you have it! Reward yesterday was when we were trying out beds in Next, assistant said you two are light so you won't make indents in the mattress. I couldn't believe she meant me! Keep going and best wishes x


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10 Replies

  • Hi Lizzie,

    Wow, this is great to see your graph of your progress. Very inspiring!!! :-)

    What a lovely thing the assistant said you when you were trying out those mattresses! Fantastic compliment! :-)

    Wishing you good luck with your forth-coming house move, I am sure the time will fly by, and hope everything goes really well.

    Lowcal :-)

  • You've got to love a good graph, Lizzie! Fantastic! :)

    You've got to love that Next assistant, too! Did you give her a big hug?! :D

  • Love your graph skinnylizzie - I assume the 'blue/red' one is you and the yellow is your husband?

    Congrats on losing all that weight, you are an inspiration for us all 👍 also your graph shows how maintaining isn't a matter of staying exactly the same weight every week (unrealistic), but that it's perfectly normal to go up and down a little on the maintenance road :D

    Your will-power on giving up something you really enjoy (wine) is awesome and the lovely comment from the assistant in the bed shop is just one of the little 'perks' of getting healthier! Good luck 🍀 with the house move - how exciting - hope all goes well. With all the work that entails, you could be even lighter by the time you get to sleep on your new mattress :D

    Mouse 🐭

  • :-) Really great and inspiring progress

  • Well done you! I also gave up alcohol a couple of months ago now. Didn't give up to help lose weight, but I really think that I would have struggled to lose the same amount as I have if I was still on the booze. Only 9 pounds to go to get to my target weight, but already thinking about how hard maintaining will be!

  • Just keep doing it I have wasted so much of mmy life wishing I was thinner and now I am 67!!

  • Bet you were chuffed! You've listed my 3 main culprits too! Wine, chocolate and cake. I've given them up except for special occasions but I haven't banned them just have tiny amounts and savour them! Well done over the past year :-)

  • Congrats on the forthcoming house move and on the weight maintenance, I love the chart :)

  • Thanks to all of you who have replied to me I must say peer pressure really helps to keep me motivated ,it is important to keep doing the weigh in .I know when I was doing Rosemary Conley I made the effort to watch what I was eating as I didn't want to go along having gained weight and then paid to be told I had gained, I only paid because there was some exercise which I enjoyed. However when she stopped doing classes I would not have gone to sw or ww because I grudged paying the money to be told what I already knew, this forum is so good because it is free and so I am more motivated to keep signing in indefinitely so many, many thanks to those who run it for us all xx

  • You've done really well and congratulations again 🎉

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