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Here we go!

So I have spent a week exploring the site and we had our anniversary celebrations this weekend so had lots of yummy food until I can't stand another bite and ready to tackle this 12 week plan now. I have around 8 stone to loose but at the moment would be happy with just 3 to get me in a healthier state. I have a young daughter who is growing up fast and I need to get in better physical shape so I can do sports with her and also just for my comfort as I feel very heavy and uncomfortable now. I get very bored with 'diet' food so always happy for new (easy) recipes to try as I am a teacher and get very little time to prepare and cook!

I must be mad starting this so close to christmas but I can't do another day with this awful weight! Good luck to anyone else starting this week.


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Hi Rach,

Happy Anniversary!!! Glad you're joining the site, and do join in with anything you like the look of in the forum.

Lowcal :-)


You might be able to help me. If I want to follow someone or strike up a friendship with someone with similar goals, how do I do that? It's nice to be able to speak to some of the same people on a regular basis.

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Hi Catlady,

I can see you've found your way to our Monday group weigh-in, as I just read your post over there. I know you're going to also find out more about the Challenges and consider which ones you fancy joining. Those are both great ways of familiarising yourself with the forum and I am sure over time you'll gradually meet people and get to know them. Our 'Newbie' badges were only relatively recently introduced - so some newer members are wearing them so you can spot one another - but it's only an option, so other people around may be new but not necessarily wearing a badge - the great thing is that people are all friendly and approachable, so just get involved, post and answer posts, and I am sure you'll soon settle in and feel 'at home' here.

Enjoy your week.

Lowcal :-)


Welcome. Lowcal is so right this forum is so nice and approachable just stay involved as was suggested you'll make new friends in know time. So many have the goal many with children wanting to get to the point they can be out running and chasing them at a healthy state. Lot's of recipes to check out you can put in a crock pot in the morning and have for dinner in evening, slimming lunches. Count your calories that is very important and drink 8-80z glasses of water a day to stay hydrated one before each meal gives you a feeling of fullness. Best wishes!


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