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A treat and the most amazing soup!

Went to m and s whilst christmas shopping and had this amazing chicken supergrain soup. I was like curried chicken with lentils and different rices. Found in store to see ingredients and even better it had no added sugar! Defo going to recreate at home in the slow cooker! Also had a berry brownie at Costa but found it way to sweet. Could have done with being darker chocolate.

I wonder if my taste buds are changing? Someone made me coffee the other day with sweetner and I couldn't drink it! It just tasted fake and horrible! Also had margarine and that also tasted weird as used to butter!

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That sounds really nice , I'm going to give it a try.



Sounds yummy! I love curried soups will have to give one a try. Always on the look out. I do think our taste buds change. Only butter of the purest natural farm raised cows. When it come to meat must also be grass fed free range all natural.


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