Bring on the dogs mini challenge entry

Bring on the dogs mini challenge entry

Hi All, Here is my lovely hyperactive Skip who will be two on the 29th Novemebr. I join him at the break of day for his morning walk and he joins me if I'm feeling energetic enough to go for a jog. We haven't reached 5k yet though, but not to worry he can always join Ian (my hubby) who is back in training for the Barcelona marathon, after a terrible cold that has lingered for weeks. I did hope to put up my background picture which shows Skip towards the end of one of our walks and covered in mud, but sadly my knowledge of how to do this has failed. Also I may have posted on the wrong site as I am not sure if it was a weight-loss site or couch to 5k !


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4 Replies

  • Hi Lynne,

    Skip looks like a great dog!

    Happy Birthday to him for the 29th :)

    Rob :D

  • Hi Lynne,

    What a lovely photo of Skip - great that you enjoy walks and occasional jogs too together! :-) Great exercise!!! Glad your husband is now recovered from his cold and back to his training for the Barcelona Marathon.

    You've posted in the weight loss site - so hope that is the one you wanted to post in - it would be appropriate for either I would imagine!!! But I'll link it to FizzyLiz's Kilometre Dogs Challenge, as I am pretty sure that's where you'd like it to go - a great entry!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Beautiful doggie looks full of life 😃

  • I bet you had to be quick to get the photo - looks like Skip doesn't hang around for long?!

    Thanks for posting and participating in the mini challenge :)

    800 bonus points :)

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