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I have only just joined this forum and think I will find it very useful. I always seem to be on one diet or another, but now seriously need to take myself in hand as I am getting older and my knees are feeling the extra weight. Realistically, I only really need to lose just over a stone but think it will make a huge different to me and my lifestyle. I have started doing my walking an exercising and eating much more sensibly - for the past six weeks. My whole figure has improved and I look so much better, but unfortunately the scales show just 2 lbs in weight. As mentioned before the weight really needs to come off for the benefit of my knees. Do other people struggle with those scales?

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Hi Suloo,

Welcome to the NHS Weight Loss Forum here on HealthUnlocked - this forum is a great place for support, motivation and inspiration to lose weight.

Well done for losing some weight so far! Why not take some body measurements? Sometimes they will change, even if the scales don't! :D

Take a look at the NHS 12 Week Plan, it contains recipes and exercise plans to follow for the first twelve weeks of your journey. :D

Take a look at the left of your screen (bottom if you're using a mobile device) and find the 'Pinned Posts' section, here you can find the 'Welcome Newbie' post, various challenges that are going on in the forum (take part in whatever ones take your fancy - if any do at all!), there is also a recipe collation there and any important posts from Admin :)

Also to your left is the 'Topics' area, here you can find posts related to each topic, it's good if you are looking for something specific :)

The Monday Group Weigh In takes place weekly and is posted alternately by Zest and moreless (I suggest you follow them, they are also our site admins), a morning session post is put live just before 06:30 and runs until midday, while the afternoon session runs from midday until 18:00 on the Friday of that week - it'll be running as usual this coming Monday, so, if you wish, you can go and post your starting weight there :)

All that remains is to wish you a great first week on the forum - be involved because it's where we get our boost each day :P

Rob :)


Welcome! Some people also take measurements as extra motivation as often when scales dont move they stiln lose inches. Good luck! :)

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I am a slow loser 16 lb since May and I often get stuck. In the past this would make me give up thinking what is the point. I haven't yet- I keep telling myself if I calorie count and exercise it just has to come off eventually and it does- slowly. It is hard not to compare ourselves to other faster losers. There are achievements are marvellous and inspiring but so are ours because they are for us! Each day of a healthier lifestyle will make us happy and any weight loss however small is an added bonus 😀

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Thanks nteapea, its so hard not to get disappointed when you think you have done so well with eating all week and nothing shows on the scales. Happened to me so often and then, of course have given. This time, as I am older, and knees bad I need to keep at it whatever. Thank you for your words of advice.


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