Found this about occasional splurges

Those who seem to be affected most by food guilt are following a strict diet plan but struggle with the slightest hiccup. A night out with friends indulging on wine and pizza or a few cookies with the kids sends emotions of guilt spiraling out of control.

Women seem to be affected more than men. There is a belief all efforts toward fitness goals have been ruined by one diet mistake. This begins the cycle of fixing the problem through unhealthy methods.

Let’s stop right here and re-think the scenario. You're eating healthy and exercising regularly to maintain a fit body. Awesome job and keep it up. Now, enjoying a night out eating pizza or having a few cookies is not going to derail all your efforts.

You didn’t fail nor should you start binge eating because you're pissed off for doing something normal and healthy. Think about it. It's healthy to indulge once in a while and have balance in your life.

Holding onto self-induced food guilt does nothing for your health and fitness except add stress and anxiety to your life. So, you ate the pizza and cookies and guess what, everything will be OK. Don’t get hung up on what is done and move on. Accept you are still rocking a healthy lifestyle!


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7 Replies

  • "Still rocking a healthy lifestyle" - I like it! :-) This is a great thread, and thanks for posting it, miopus.

  • Yes, I agree 😊 We all need treats 😊

  • It isn't a treat if it is detrimental to our health though. You wouldn't advise an alcoholic to have a blow-out.

    Real food is delicious without having to revert to processed junk.

  • I work on the 90/10 rule, 10% is food I just eat for the pleasure 😊

  • Okay, let's compare notes in another fifty years then you can tell me you told me so ;-)

  • That is very interesting miopus Thank you for posting it. Love the way in which it reminds us that a stumble doesn't mean we should jump off a cliff.

  • Very wise words


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