What I ate today :)

Really enjoyed the food Ive eaten today.

For breakfast treated myself to 2 rashes of grilled bacon with lettuce in a toasted wholemeal bread sandwhich. Didnt fancy breakfast at first so bacon changed my mind and stopped me skipping a meal.

Then had my homemade pasta for lunch and homemade sheppards pie with peas and carrots for tea. Normally would eat more fruit but need to go shopping and get more! Might have some melon later tho. :)

3 Replies

  • When can resist bacon?! Your meals sound yummy.

  • MMM I skipped breakfast one day this week and craved a decent whole hearten meal and went for a bacon roll

    Good luck on your journey :)

    Sounds like a good day

  • Bacon has my name on it, anything with bacon. Your diet sounds good keep up the good work.

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