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Psychology hopefully works!!

Well I have stayed the same weight wise. I hope to eat sensibly this coming week and to get back under my 14 stone weight. At the moment I am 14 stone 1.5lb. If I eat well, no snack foods chocolate crisps etc. it will help. At the moment I am sitting in my lounge and I feel the mound of FAT sitting around my middle. I am trying to be brutality honest about myself in the hope it will make me think of the damage is am doing to my own body. I know this is a bit of a rant but hopefully it does help me. 😊

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I'm around the same weight so no how you feel but I've been using the 12 week plan on week 8 & so pleased start weight 15st 1 1/2 Monday weigh in 14 st 2 1/2 3"of hips & bust 4" of waist . I've got a long way to go but with everyone's support & advice on this site I know I change my eating habits & hopefully avoid type 2 diabetes as my sugar levels are border line checked regularly by my dr . Hope you have a good week & we both get under that 14st soon . Ps I never told any friends & family my weight too ashamed hopefully not for much longer πŸ˜€

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I do not tell my family or friends my weight either. like you I am ashamed . Hopefully we will succeed on this mission. my mum died of heart failure,she was diabetic and only 68 when she died. My dad was 78 and died of a heaetc attack. So this is the reason I want to lose weight. At the moment I am 53 and do not take any medication. I want to stay that way for a long time yet. Good Luck for this week. 😊


I have stayed the same two weeks running despite feeling like I've been relatively good with my calories! I weigh tomorrow so fingers crossed I've done something right this week! :)

Well done on maintains because it is so easy to gain. so that is am achievement in itself :) I understand being brutally honest with yourself but try not to be too harsh on yourself as you go along. we need a few treats every now and then and you will get there, be honest but be kind to yourself :) :) goodluck for your coming week!


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