Two days of temptations

I am very lucky to be going away this evening until Saturday evening for a Creativity Weekend.

I will be staying in a four star hotel and it kicks off with a three course meal tonight.

I won't be going mad but I am sure to take a hit on the scales next weigh in as there is no way to keep track of the food and anyway I want to relax.

I have been moving a lot more and will be able to keep that up whilst away so it won't all be bad.

Need to sort out dentist when I get back as I am really suffering with my teeth at the moment.


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6 Replies

  • Enjoy yourself Lori59 What I did when I was away for the weekend in a nice hotel was to focus meal by meal and dish by dish. So just because I had an extra potato with my main course, maybe I could manage to say "no" to cream with desert, or have a very light lunch.

    Any walking, including up and down stairs will be a bonus too.

  • Tooth ache is the worst! I'd honestly rather break a bone than suffer with toothache. so you have my sympathy!

    I'm very jealous of your "creativity weekend"! what will that involve? it sounds like something I would love!

    sometimes we have to live life and make the most of experiences and sometimes those experiences include food. We can still make healthy-ish choices, and you'll bounce back once it's over I'm sure! :) it's just one weekend! All this hard work deserves the occasional break. I hope it's amazing!

  • Have a lovely time 😊 A good tip about using the stairs to burn off any excess calories 😊

  • Thank you all, I had a wonderful time and best of all have made some new friends one of whom lives in the next town over and has said she is happy to pick me up so I can join her friends for crafty get togethers :)

    I really over indulged regarding food but I have weighed myself this morning and I have maintained :)


  • Still can't continue comments once I have tagged someone. Kinbun, the creativity involved cards, canvases and decorated bird houses. If you look up Anna Marie Designs you will see the type of things we did.

    7 projects in two days so it was full on

  • How strange that you can't continue comments once you tag someone Lori59 your weekend sounds very busy but lovely. I did Google the designs and they look amazing! a very worthy reason to have over indulged slightly, well done on having maintained today! :)

    I tested by tagging you and it did let me continue (as you can see) and I also only got the notification that you had tagged me five minutes ago, despite being on the site on and off today. very strange! hope it stops being silly!

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