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So delighted!

Well Tuesday's blow out assignation with the mint matchmakers must have been countered by the previous lean days and being ultra careful yesterday

Stepped onto those scales this morning and to my stunned delight I've lost......


Just goes to show you can plan in a calorie expensive day for say a special do if you work round it with lower days to average out over your week - not that I'd advocate hitting the chocolate the way I did mind you - but it's never the end of the world

This now brings me to a total loss of 1 stone 7.5lbs in eight weeks

I now weigh 17st 4.25lbs - haven't been down there for some considerable time

I am getting to the stage where I will have to hunt through the wardrobe in my daughters old room for some work trousers that fit

What a lovely problem to have

Here's to Week 9 😃😃😃

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Well done Annabelle! I started eating more over the weekend as my friend was here and lost weight..... realise that was the problem potentially for body stubbornly not wanting to let fat go as it thought I was trying to starve it!!! Have been careful but eating more and it seems to be working at the moment. The joy of not having trousers to fit (for the best reason!) must be lovely! Onwards and downwards as they say :-) :-)

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Congratulations! what an amazing loss :) well done you! it's a much better feeling to have your clothes not fit because they're too big!

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That's a fantastic problem - well done you!

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Well done that's brilliant :)

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