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a bit disappointed

Well I had extra extra supper tonight. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I believe it is due to weighing on the scales tomorrow night and wondering what the number on the scales is going to meet my expectations. So this is made me nervous and extra hungry. Any problem in life I eat to binge until the problem is over rather it turn to good or bad results.

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Hi, sounds like a vicious circle and you are sabotaging your success. Evening is a bad time to weigh yourself anyway. My advice would be to stop worrying too much about the scales and just concentrate on healthy eating first, little steps, change habits, then you will gain the confidence to be in charge of your eating, weight loss will follow. There are some great tips here -


good luck!




Hi Wadestreet,

Try not to focus too much on that bit of extra supper tonight. I hope your weigh-in goes ok tomorrow. Remember what a great week you've had - you've kept us up to date on your progress, and it's been good! Hope you sleep well tonight, and hope tomorrow is a great day for you!

Lowcal :-)



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Nobody is perfect. Don't let yourself become obsessed by the scales. There are other positive results like shrinking waist size and finding a long forgotten favourite garment fits again. Just treat each day as a new start and as Caz suggested weigh in in the mornings. I'm sure I'm not alone in having the odd treat ( or 2 ) on a Monday after weigh in, knowing I'll get back on the straight and narrow for the rest of the week. It helps me knowing I have that little indulgence to look forward to. Good luck!


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