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Weight loss stopped


I am at a bit of a loss. My BMI calories say to eat something like 1770-2100 calories a day but I aim for 1650, which I thought was reasonable.

I'm quite good at sticking to it, and when I have gone over its been by 100-200 calories, which still keeps me within the above amount. so since Friday I have only gone over my calories on Sunday (I had 1800) and since then have not gone over 1650. I have checked on the scales today, though my normal weigh day is Friday, and I have GAINED half a pound! I'm hoping this changes by Friday but it's irritating. what is going on? :/ i will be so annoyed if I have a gain after two weeks of maintaining. where is my weight loss?!

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Hi Kinbun,

Seriously, I would stick it out - continue as you are, and see what the scales say on Friday. Weight can fluctuate daily - even moment to moment, so please don't be put off - even having a meal that is a little extra salty than normal can cause a weight gain. There are many factors. But essentially - Friday is still a couple of days away, so there's plenty of time to see a result on the scales, providing you stick with things, and please try to stay motivated and don't be disheartened by the daily fluctuations.

Hope you have a great evening.

Lowcal :-)

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I never think about my salt consumption actually. Maybe that's something I should take into account a bit more.

I will try to stick with it and see how I do :) and then go from there. I was just wondering if I was doing anything wrong but I feel like I'm doing everything I can.

Thank you for your supportive message :) I will avoid weighing myself until Friday. fingers crossed!

Hope you've had a lovely day/evening as well.


Fingers crossed Kinbun! :-) Yes, I'm having a good week so far. I'm going to watch some TV now, but it was nice to spend some time in the forum this evening. :-)

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Drink plenty of fluid we seem to forget that as well to flush system 8-8oz glasses of water I like mine with lemon. Weight does go up and down for many reason stress, salt as LowCal mentioned being a huge factor why flushing the systems helps, weather go figure, change in time we exercise-important to keep it the same and best in the morning. Best of luck at weight in.


Thank you for your advice :) fingers crossed!


Gosh I thought it was me that scales lied to. Week one I lost 3lbs week two put 1lb back on. All I can say is there is just no justice. I'm sticking with it as I'm looking long term for results.


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