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I had a rough night after supper. I did not eat extras on my plate. But my body went into stress mode from my brain down to my feet. And I ate pretty good breakfast and lunch. So I laid down and try to relax myself. Maybe withdrawal symptoms from not eating extras at supper at the second night and Monday was a week of not binging and the body could not handle it I cannot understand it. Any suggestions would be great.

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Marylou54Super Trier

I am not an expert on these things but you are in the middle of retraining both your mind and body and there will be a strong reaction to this from them both. I think a way to relax is to think about what brings you pleasure and do that instead - walks, listen to music, meditation (?) - whatever floats your boat as they say! Being aware of what is happening is a good thing and don't beat yourself up - you are a work in progress!

Thank-you for the sugestions.

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