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Clothes don't lie

Hi I'm a lady of a certain age who has always had weight issues. I've never been very big, just always a dress size or two bigger than I would like to be. I really need to loose about 20lbs to be a size 12 again but now I've retired I get bored and when I'm bored I eat.

Yes I do get out and about, doing exercise classes and walking the dog but some how the temptation of chocolate, cake or a glass of wine is my weakness.

If you can support me through the next few months I would be very thankful as I know I am my own worst enemy and very good the forgetting to log the biscuit I eat earlier.

H E L P !

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Oh us ladies of a certain age..... i wish I'd realised some years ago how difficult it would become and i would've been more disciplined but - hey Ho! I didn't and now I have to do more! Just be kind and gentle with yourself - good luck :-)


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