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Off the rails!

Oh dear the chocolate monster returned last night big time and unfortunately I had some in the house - for Christmas - okay who am I kidding, to eat a few of as a treat now and again

On top of my daily calorie allowance I managed to consume almost 1200 calories of Mint Matchmakers before bedtime last night

My only redeeming grace is the fact that I've had three or four pretty lean days already this week - tomorrow morning's weigh in will be interesting

OK Confession over - I have an interview this afternoon so shan't dwell on my misdemeanor - wish me luck!

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Oh dear at least the chocolate monster has left you now.

I used to be guilty of buying selection boxes even Easter eggs at Easter time and sneakily eat them and replace them time and time again. I have some Celebrations and Hero's in the cabinet hidden away from view for Christmas and I hope I can stick to my pledge not to open before the 25th Dec even then I hope I can just have a few but time will tell on that one lol.

Thank goodness for your lean days hopefully they will balance out.

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I've had those sorts of days! The other week was really bad for me with the baked goods. It could be that the stress of the interview has caused the slide a bit? I also tend to fall off the wagon when I'm anxious about something. Nothing to do but get back on the wagon and carry on! :)

Good luck with your interview! :D

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Good Luck Annabelle_Bebbs I know we all have a demon in the cupboard. Yours is chocolate, mine is currently savoury things - particularly toast.

Can't undo yesterday, just have to move on xx


For once I'm at peace with that SportyGirl75 - I've usually been sod it I've ruined everything now - but this time I'm just putting it behind me and today is another day - maybe my mindset is changing for the better


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