Time to look with new eyes πŸ‘€

I have had a little wander from the path of calorie counting today, didn't have time for breakfast, so was starving by 10. Tried to stave my hunger off with an 🍎, but my heart said biscuits.

A busy day led to lunch at 3, so once again I was starving and so sandwich was accompanied by crisps 😠

However, a tuna salad for tea made it a tiny bit better!

What my post is really about though, is the bigger picture. I ordered sparkly silver shoes and top for my works night out on 9/12/16 and get arrived today.

My shoes are beautiful, AS is my top, but ordered in my normal size, it's far too big! Like 2 sizes 2 big, and the trousers I intended to wear my too big top with ( that I bought last year and are only suitable for party wear) don't fit either!!!

The scales have gone down, the measurements are less, but I suppose Day to day, I just haven't noticed the actual changes!

So blip over, top reordered ( along with trousers that fit), sparkly shoes awaiting their outing and a happy me ☺️

Try it yourself, get something out to wear that you wore last year and appreciate the change in you 😘😘😘


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6 Replies

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  • Great idea! It is so satisfying to see the results in that way.

  • Yeh! Well done! Such a great feeling... and as for eating a bag of crisps, it won't kill you!

  • Yay πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ˜Š well done you 😊 Have a lovely party

  • What a great result! Especially as it has made you aware of the amazing progress you've made!

  • Fantastic there's nothing like suddenly noticing all your hard work is paying off is there? β­οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  • TBH we only use the scales as a means of quantifying the loss week on week - the two most important criteria are how we think we look and how we feel and there's no bigger reward than looking in the mirror and feeling good about yourself because you look that much slimmer and fitting into smaller clothes - enjoy those sparkly shoes you deserve it!

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