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New year resolution


I have an annual check up with the cardiovascular nurse at our surgery (Dec) and the last one in 2015 showed I had put on 4 kg; my blood sugars were also elevated and my cholesterol levels had crept up to over recommended minimums. I made a pact with myself and told the nurse that at the next session I would have lost 2 stone and have my other markers under control. I excercise regularly and keep myself quite fit so it was disappointing to find things were going the wrong way. To start with I decided to stop drinking alcohol for dry January; this was extended to Easter through lent abstinence and then I decided to keep this going for the whole year at least. This is continuing and I was pleased to see a steady loss of weight over the weeks and to date I have lost some 22pounds going from 14st 11lbs to 13st 3lbs. My aim is to be 12 stone something and I am finding the last half a stone difficult to lose so am now contemplating a review of what I eat in order to keep up the momentum, which is why I have joined the NHS 12 week weight loss scheme. I hope to be able to report a positive effect as the weeks roll on.

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Hi AlanBG,

A very warm welcome to you, and many Congratulations on the excellent progress you've made so far on your weight loss journey. Not only have you abstained successfully from alcohol, but you've lost 22 pounds - that is fantastic!!!

It's great to hear you're going to start the NHS 12 week plan to help you to lose your remaining weight - it's a great plan, and many of us follow it here, with great results. I hope you'll enjoy it, and I'd like to suggest you read our Welcome Newbie post as well, so that you can see the things that past and current members like about the forum - there's lots of support here, and I hope you'll join in with anything you like the look of in the forum. The Pinned posts are situated at the right-hand-side of the homepage, or at the bottom of your screen if you're accessing via a mobile device.

Maybe join us for the Monday group weigh-in sessions, if you'd like to be part of a weekly online weigh-in. You'd be very welcome, and that session remains open till 18 00 on Fridays, to enable Late Weighers to get involved.

Hope you enjoy the forum!

Good luck with your remaining goals. We have weight loss badges - so do let either myself or moreless know if you'd like one - you're currently elligible for a 1 stone badge, and nearly elligible for a 2 stone one!!!

Lowcal :-)


Hi and welcome

Congratulations on your progress so far that is brilliant

Loads of help and support here

Wishing you all the best for that last half stone :)

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Thanks for your encouragement Cracker. I had been trying to lose weight through relatively normal eating alongside alcohol abstinence which has worked very well through the year so now I am part of this scheme, I am sure I will find its disciplines will help me to get on track.

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I am NOT giving up my wine on a Friday / Saturday night, however I am very strict on the measures and add sparkling water to it to make it go further now and actually drink less than I used to.

I will now have 1 or 2 glasses (125ml) of wine with sparkling water throughout the evening on a Friday or / and Saturday night - compared to 3/4 glasses on a Friday / Saturday night

So i have halved the intake but still able to enjoy it and the glasses actually last longer - think it is because I savour and enjoy every mouthfall now and appreciate it as a treat rather than the norm

This way I won't crave it and am allowed it if I have worked out my calories right for the day - if I over eat then the wine is not allowed

No point in denying every pleasure :)


Hello and welcome 😊

You are not the only one struggling to lose the last bit of weight!!! Caz28 runs a group called The Last Few Pounds Club that might inspire you 😊

For myself, I'm trying to be extra strict and also reduce some of the carbohydrates and replace with extra protein and a fruit portion, 😊 Fingers crossed for us all


Thanks Anna. I think the 12 week plan ought to do it as I am encouraged to tot up the calories and having started this for my first week, I can see I am challenged to keep within the limit and are well within them on day 4. I had been eating relatively normally with no alcohol intake and have had steady weight loss through the year until lately so now I am in the scheme, I have renewed determination to be good and expect to get back on track.

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