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So, in preparation for my doctor's appointment this week I thought I would have a look in my amazing book of magic miracles to understand what exactly I want. I came across an article on oestrogen dominance and realised that I ticked nearly every symptom. After a but more digging I am pretty sure that is my issue and now looking at options. I know this isn't really weight related (expect that it is a major tick on the checklist and describes it as 'hard to lose' tick, tick, tick,tick!). Just wondered if anyone else has dealt with this and if anyone has used the progesterone cream. So much happier to have a possible solution to the craziness i have been experiencing. Thanks in advance lovely people.


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  • No experience of this, but hope you find your answer... have you looked to see if there's an appropriate community on healthunlocked where you might find more people with similar experiences?

  • Thanks Ruth. Interestingly one of my (many) searches led me to the Health Unlocked site for endometriosis. Heavy periods is another sign and links nicely with low iron anaemia - another puzzle piece possibly. It looks like these symptoms may also mean I am starting perimenopause which having just turned 40 is not quite what I was expecting! Still, better to have a reason rather than starting to think I am actually going slightly batty...

  • I was being seen by a gynae for poss endemetriosis at one point. Got helpful advice from the endo forum and also from a gynae doc. Solution ended up being to do with changing my contraception from pill to coil and excluding certain foods from my diet. Generally my best advice came from the gynae doc so maybe ask for a referral? Also Diana seems to have success with blood type specific diet for hormonal issues... she may be able to add something useful... :) Good luck with your research! :)

  • Not sure that I can be useful, ginger is s great friend, AIDS bloating and pain too.

    Maca Root has been fab in rebalancing me too, pls check with pharmacist regarding all meds tho

  • PS start having spinach everyday and consider having an iron supplement like feroglobin. Maybe get iron tested too, maybe pick a day during/post period to get a true picture of what's going on there too :)

  • If you don't like spinach and other green veg or you need to ring the changes then egg yolks and dried apricots are surprisingly good sources of iron too

  • Yes! Dried apricots I forgot them. Eggs were mentioned recently for vit B12 too :)

  • Thank you! Yes have been upping the iron tablets, B vits and magnesium as well as the food. Thanks for the gynae info as well Ruth. Hadn't thought of that. Am going to ask for another iron test too to check, I know I'm always low. Thank you both for the info. Ha ha my pregnancy craving was broccoli!! Low iron anyone?!

  • I eggs and engevita, fab stuff too

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