Hi all. I am not defeated but I added 1/2cup of peas to my supper. And I looked at my before meals during the day. My lunch meal I could have ate more to fill me. I am trying to let go of perfectism . I admitting what have done and let it go. this is the good advice I have been given from you guys. I am changing around my goal to this 3 days out of 6 with no certain days of the week to do it make it more normal and natural. I will not have extras at suppertime and make sure the next 6 days of my lunch meals are more filling. lol


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8 Replies

  • nothing wrong with having extra veg! Extra veg is good

  • You're taking a good approach. You're on a long journey and taking a short detour (deviation from perfection) is perfectly OK.

  • This sounds like a much more healthy attitude....after all, life has to fit in around your meals. There will be good days and some not so good days, but an overall balance is the aim. I sometimes think I am sitting on a see-saw - I go down, I go up, mostly I stay level....could do with a few more drops, but even maintaining a level weight is a success in my mind!

  • I love peas :) But well spotted that you could have filled up more at lunchtime. Keep going, everything's sounding good :)

  • DartmoorDumpling, said it well. May I add drink 8 8oz of water each day to fill and hydrate- one before each meal, lemon adds a nice touch. Your attitude is vastly improving you are moving forward soon downward. Keep the faith in the journey, the forum is here to support you.

  • Thank-you kindly. I know without the forum I would not have come this far and working on changing of my ways of thinking is all you guys at the forum.

  • Just continue to take each day as it comes, figuring out what works and what doesn't. While the principles remain the same for all, there's no hard and fast rule as to how goal weight is eventually reached.

  • well done i to am like yourself i fill my plate now with more veg and it fills me up or at dinner i have more salad x x x

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