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Time to take action !!

Approaching 40 and always had yo-yo weight but currently at my heaviest (16stone) and find it difficult as have mobility issues that have increased since 2010 but I've used that as an excuse to pile on the weight. I have a toddler that needs a mum & an active one...I am currently in plaster cast after my second right midfoot fusion and after struggling for the first few weeks on my knees, crutches and lending a wheelchair I decided enough was enough...no more being an ostrich !! No more thinking the weight will drop off if I cut out a meal !! So here I am ☺️

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Hi and welcome

Have a good look around here and read the newbie threads

There is so much info and help here - just take it one step at a time. Juat ask a question and someone will answer you :)

All the best on your journey

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Thank you ☺️

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Hi Crofty77, you have the best of incentives; a big birthday on the horizon, a lively toddler to keep up with and a painful foot that will benefit from a lighter load!

Now you are motivated, you need to plan your next day's meals; sign up to a calorie counter like myfitnesspal or nutracheck, and log everything that you eat and drink. Try and limit your intake to around 1500 or 1600 calories a day, and slowly but surely, that unwanted weight will go.

At least whilst you are on crutches, it should be easy for someone in the family to put all the tempting goodies up high and out of your reach?!


Thank you ☺️ Downloaded the myfitnesspal app this morning and did use it after the birth of my son and lost weight...sadly the chocolate was too tempting!! More determined this time and after surgery my appetite is reduced so striking whilst the temptations are low !!


Good luck with your weight loss. hope you recover quickly and can lose the crutches soon


Sounds like you have the motivation to put the food down and follow the program and drop the weight. You can do this for yourself and son- your life will be filled with such joy they are a handful to follow and the faster we are the far better. I wish you well on healing in the mean time drink lot's of water to curb your food appetite and hydrate 8-8oz glasses of water adding lemon is wonderful. Much luck on your journey I have faith you will do well.


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