2 weeks in

2 weeks in

Hello everyone,

I've lost 1lb this week so I am now 16st 12lbs. I was hoping for a bigger loss but am happy that it is a loss never the less. I have been back at work for a full week and am practically healed after my operation. I think immediately after my op I was very scared of having bowel movements because it was very painful so I was eating really small portions but since being healed my portions have been increasing so that is what I'll be keeping an eye on this week.

On Friday I went to a Mexican restaurant for a friends birthday, everything on the menu was quite stodgy and cheesy so I went for what I thought was the healthiest option, spicy prawn fajitas which came on a hot plate of sizzling prawns, peppers and onion, then on a separate plate you had 3 small tortilla wraps, a pot of guacamole, pot of sour cream and pot of salsa and you make your own fajitas, it was yummy, I also had half a bottle of white wine. So I'm pleased to see that I can have a treat and still lose a pound.

All my other meals have been extra healthy, lots of green veg and brown rice. I made a lovely veg curry (pictured above). Here's the recipe:

Heat a little oil, add tsp mustard seeds and tsp cumin seeds, when the mustard seeds start popping add a chopped onion and 2 cloves crushed garlic, once onions turn translucent add tbsp tomato puree, tsp tumeric, tsp garam masalla and tsp coriander powder, fry for a bit to create a paste, leave to cool then blend with about 4 tbsp 0% fat natural yogurt and 2 tsp of honey and a pinch of salt.

That's the sauce, then I steamed whatever veg I wanted (carrot sticks and broccoli) and put the steamed veg and sauce in a pot to heat up together then served on brown rice. it was really tasty!

Good luck this week everyone :)


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  • The curry looks delicious! thank you for sharing the recipe :) I love curries! a huge well done for having lost 1lb eventhough you've been out and about and had some lovely wine! I'm very impressed :) good luck for the rest of this week!

  • Great looking curry! Well done on your loss and for having a treat, they are important :)

  • A treat is definitely important. I don't think I could cope without them ;)

    I'm going to try and be more mindful of my portions this week though.

  • I have lost just 1lb this week also but better than nothing glad you are getting better and coping ok. Here's to another 1lb next weekπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • I'm not too worried. I still feel really motivated to lose 12 pounds overall in the Winter Solstice challenge and I'm still on track! Also, one of the main things for me was to stop eating junk and I am doing so well at cooking from scratch and eating loads of mega healthy foods so I am happy :) Well done on your weight loss too! :)

  • Yes definitely be careful with what's known in the trade as 'portion creep'. I use a Tala dry measures cone to keep my rice portions etc consistent :) Great to hear you're really getting into it. Congrats on your excellent 1lb loss :)

  • Yes I think the scales from the kitchen cupboard need dusting off :) I'm being very mindful this week!

  • that's great that you're on the mend. I'm roughly the same weight as you - just seeing a 16 at the start of the scales instead of a 17 is a positive. I'm still almost a stone heavier than I was this time last year which is irritating but every pound lost gets me closer to seeing a15. Have a great week- onwards and downwards as we say 😊

  • Onwards and downwards indeed! I cannot wait to see the 15's :)

  • Well done on losing another pound 😊 A pound every week is a perfect weight loss, sustainable and really adds up 😊

    I'm glad you are feeling better and are back to work too. That recipe looks yummy, I think I will try it tonight for dinner 😊 Hubby loves a curry and I find strong flavours really help me feel indulged and not reprised 😊😊😊

  • It did feel indulgent but nice and low fat :) I hope you enjoy it!

  • Just had it 😊 Really tasty 😊 Thank you

  • Well done Rosa! You have been through a lot with your operation it can't have been easy for you. Congratulations on getting well and still managing to lose weight, you're doing so well! :-)

  • Thank you! I'm still feeling positive and motivated. I read the posts most days but not a lot of time to post myself because it's been busy at work :)

  • We love curries with veggie's over crumbled cauliflower rice really reduces calories vs using brown rice. Taste very yummy!

  • Ooh crumbled cauliflower rice sounds interesting, I might try that :)

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