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A New Me

Hi All!

I'm new here but not new to trying to manage my weight gain so it's time for me to take this weight loss seriously, there are definitely more reasons 'for' change than 'against'.

I have started the NHS 12 week plan and have found the calorie checker really useful in recognising what the calories in food ACTUALLY look like. And to see how easy it is to take in more than I should (although half a pack of biscuits with a mug of tea has always been far too easy to consume than it should be, especially as my previous defence to munching biscuits was 'tea is too wet without it' :-(.

I know it's going to be a challenge and would welcome any support/tips over the coming weeks!

All the best :-)


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Hello EmTee , welcome to the forum! :-)

This place is great, so helpful, there is always someone here to chat or share ups and downs!

If you take a look to the right hand side of the screen, (at the bottom if you are on a mobile) you will see a pinned post area, with a Newbies post. This has all the information you need to get started on the forum.

I have been on here for three months and have lost a stone and am now making inroads to losing the next stone, and I feel so pleased! It'll be great to share the road with you!

All the best! :-)



Hi Ruby8

Well done for losing the weight so far😊Just wondered if you had any tips?




Why are biscuits so more-ish?? grr! :) goodluck with starting the 12 week plan. I hope it goes well for you!

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Thanks for encouragement Kinbun-still tying to avoid the biscuits although did get caught out by a jaffa cake the other day!😕


I'm sure you're doing well overall!! Jaffa cakes are tricky like that! :) I got attacked by a tub if heroes on Monday (and Tuesday) and these things just happen! We can't give up.:)

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