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Busy weekend = great results!

Just thought I'd share my busy weekend with you all

So I am starting the count down to the big day (9 weeks to go) and have upped my activities so I can loose the last few kgs before the wedding.

This weekend included a 4km run on Friday, Parkrun on Sat (and swimming with the injured running buddy) and finally a 12km basically all uphill mountain bike race with my older sister

And this morning weighed in 1.3kg lighter than last week!

Onward and downward I go! But will be taking it easy at least until Thursday (quite stiff today)

Have a lovely week everyone!

2 Replies

Wow very impressive. You are showing great commitment 😀


9 weeks to go! How exciting 😊 Mid January??

You are doing very well on the exercise and eating side 😊

Not long now, good luck and best wishes 😊❤️😊


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