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Coffee Day

Hi I had a great day with my good friend Mona. Along with the coffee date we went thrifty shopping got a great deal on wallet for 50% off. And I got all my Christmas cards. yes Christmas cards! haha $1.00 to $2.00 a piece. For years I always get everything ready before the Christmas rush. So I am ready for the week ahead. I just want to say I eat more than a rice cake with peanut butter, but I eat cereal with all bran and flax seed as my fiber intake. my mini goal this week is 3 times this Monday, Wednesday and Friday is not have extra food at supper time. And continuing this week to walk 6 days out of 7. I am going to try to step on my friends scales Thursday. I threw out my scales about 3 weeks ago. they told me how I feel for the day ahead and if I binged or not. So going over to my friends once a week to weigh will not have the same effect as my own. Hopefully. Well chat soon. lol

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Sounds like a lovely day


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